Thursday, April 14, 2016

Yes, Another Smock Dress

These past couple of months back at work after being on maternity leave, have been transitional in a variety of ways. Not only have I been getting back into my professional groove and finding the new weekday routine, I've also been coming back to myself and figuring out who I am  now as a working mother/a mother in general, and of course my physical body is still in transition. So, one way I've been "coming back to myself" is through outfitting, duh! And I'm looking for clothing that suits my style, which is veering toward functional simplicity, so I've ordered this dress!

I was eyeing up the olive version in this post last month, but alas it was sold out so, I opted for the denim take. And yes I've been on a bit of a smock dress kick, but why the heck not?! You can't beat a throw-on-and-go type of garment, and this silhouette serves my body very well at the moment. 

I've been a fan of Mimu Maxi for a while after having purchased their skirt leggings, seen here and here, and I can't wait to get this smock frock and start outfitting with it! 

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