Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Each year around this time Nordstrom has their HUGE Anniversary Sale. And, unlike other sales in July/August that are reducing summer stock to make way for fall/winter appearal, Nordstom's has amazing deals on coats, boots, trousers etc. It's a great time to stock up on basics and splurge on a few luxury items.  It's also a strategic start to your Christmas shopping. I know, it's only July, but hey you've got to start sometime and why not take adavantage of the savings now?! You'll be grateful you did when December rolls around.  So here are my top gift giving pics from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

A personalized gift, even one as simple as a monogramed bag, shows you've really thought about that person, and had them in mind for this particular item. It's tempting to stock up on these types of totes, especially at ($20 a piece), but be warned if you end up giving the same bag within your circle of family and friends. They'll probably find out and feel less special, UNLESS you make it a deliberate point of getting your gang of girls the same, yet individualized gift. 

Personally, I love receiving beauty gifts, and kits or systems are a no-brainer. 

This "novelty" item is certainly way more interesting than a scarf or hand cream. 

And speaking of totes, a fun reusable wine bag is a perfect "whenever" gift, for Christams, birthday, or especially as hostess gift WITH a bottle of win in tow. 

Like the tote above I'm tempted to buy this cardi for all of the ladies on my gift list. It comes in three different shades so I can mix it up with my female friends and family. Giving luxurious loungewear, which is not something people buy for themselves, is another thoughtful gift idea to show you care. 

These earring are timeless, elegant, and glamorous. I'm thinking maybe for my Mother. I myself don't have pierced ears, neither does my bestie. And really, my Mother is the only woman for which I would buy such a fancy item. 

From longewear to straight-up PJs. Again, getting several pairs for your gift-giving circle is an option with pajamas. A matching pair for your favorite couple is an especially cute idea. Mr. Keller and I gifted each other matching Ralph Lauren PJs years ago, and we got he exact same pair for his borther and sister-in-law, are holiday pics are very casual chic, as you can imagine. 

And for the menfoldk on your list:

Normally I loathe polo shirts (unless worn on the golf course or tennis court). The majority of polo options out there are in horrendous material, and men tend to wear them way oversize and baggy, bleck! HUHEVAH, when you don Lacoste, the original brand for polos and it properly fits, then I'm less likely to gag/judge you up and down. So if you must wear a polo shirt keep to the original.  

I love that you can swap out the straps for this timepiece. A very versatile gift for man or woman. 

This Ted Baker card case is not the most thoughtful, original, or interesting gift idea, but in a pinch it's a quality opiton.

So, while yes it's still July, it's never to early to think about upcoming gift-giving occasions come fall and winter, especially when you can score some deals with Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (and pick up a few goodies for yourself while you're at it). 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Styles & Old Habits

So... I've been thinking of exploring a more romantic/feminine style as I gear up for another year-long shopping hiatus (more on that to come). I'm looking toward fall and hoping to find a few dresses that push against my usual striped/androgynous/blazered aesthetic. Here's two I've picked up thus far. 

Floral Maxi Forever 21

I rarely wear maxi dresses. I think for busty gals like myself a maxi can obscure the figure, but this wrap version seems promising. And even though I'm not huge into florals, these dusty-pink roses against a black background aren't too busy and tend toward the romantic side that I'm trying out, stylishly speaking.

Just In Timeless Dress ModCloth

I've been thinking I sorely lack a versatile cute, printed dress that's a bit 90's-esque and I'm hoping this number will fit the bill, and be the kind of piece I can throw-on for work, dinner, church, whatever. Sure, I have my fair share of wear-anywhere striped shifts that get the job done, but it's time to try something new. We'll see how this frock fairs once it's delivered later this week. 

Textured Cotton Dress Mango

Okay, this knitwear dress is NOT a new aestheric for me, by any means. But, moreso a tried and true kind of piece I wear all the time. But I love me a black, pocketed, knit number and couldn't pass up this textrued version, which will be a mega go-to this coming winter. 

And speaking of sticking to my style wheelhouse, I also picked up this men's graphic tee becuase it was less than $10 and freakin' hilarious, amiright? 

Mens' Tee Forever 21

Going back to trying "new" things, I'm also eyeing up this vintage-feeling, normcore-esque flannel dress from The Vermont Country Store

Flannel Dress Vermont Country Store

Granted this company is right up my Grandma's alley, but looking towards a retail-free year come September, I feel like I need to stockup on some experimental items and this button-down dress is kind of fueling my 90s fantasties, which is ironic that I'm looking to explore new style, but doing so with a vintage sensibility. AND, I'm wondering if I'm "allowed" to dive into the 90s nostalgia stylistically since I DID sport his kind of thing unironically back in the day... deep thoughts, eh? I just wish it had pockets.... 

If I pull the trigger on buying this dress I'll let you know how it works out. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Date Night!

cardi-Banana Republic(similar here), blouse-Skies are Blue via Le Tote, skirt-Mikkat Market(similar here from Asos), bag-Coach(similar here), flats-Shoe Mint(similarish here from Asos), necklaces-Gifted

Wore this lacey, breezy, romantic summer ensemble for a date night with Mr.Keller. I know, "date night" seems so cliche, but I don't have the energy to be spontaneous and carefree anymore. However, in my defense this wasn't just any dinner and a movie, we attended the Summer Barbecue Wine Dinner as part of the dinner events series at Omni William Penn's Terrance Room! So yep, that's pretty fancy schmancy if I do say so myself! It can be dicey when outfitting for an event, like this, especially during the summer. You want to be appropriate, but also comfortable and true to your style aesthetic. This tank from Le Tote was the starting point of the look. From there, I just started adding feminine pieces. The cardigan is the ultimate summertime topper as it's light weight, but adds some structure to the overall look. And because it WAS date night I busted out this Coach bag Mr. Keller got for me as an anniversary gift a couple of years ago. Delicate jewelry, and comfortable yet colorful flats finished off this fresh and amorous ensemble. 

Here are some pics from the dinner:


Corn Risotto

Lamb Loin



Thursday, July 21, 2016

You're the Vest!

I know delicate jewelry is on trend at the mo' and statement necklaces are waning, but I couldn't NOT pair this pink and green necklace with a pink and green dress, right?! Or, is that too matchy-matchy? 

dress-Le Tote, vest-H&M(more options here), necklace-Bauble Bar(similarish here), watch-Wenger, shoes-Zara(similar here)

As mentioned on the necklace above, this vest, is also "off-trend" as we're currently in a wave a longer, looser, drapey-er gilets. But, a proper vest never really goes out of style, and the cinch-factor of this waistcoat is banging on my bod! Also, this vest-with-a-dress look feels very 90's, no? Especially when paired with these studded loafers. Overall, it's a cool contrast of menswear-inspired pieces(the vest and shoes), with this printed wrap-dress and color-coordinated statement necklace. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black & White Peacock

blazer-J.Crew, tunic-Anthropologie(similar here), pants-Uniqlo, necklace-Le Tote, loafers-Just Fab(similarish here), watch-Michael Kors(similar here)

Last month I donned this tunic as a dress for a casual Sunday with the baby in this post. Here, it's another take on the dress-over-pants trend that I finally embraced after well over a year in posts here, here, and here. And, it's really all about the tunic in this outfit. The half-tuck creates an interesting silhouette, the print is a fresh take on the black-and-white color combo, and while yes the necklace and loafers are fun, it's the peacocks that grab the eye. 

In terms of office/work wear this is really a fairly standard outfit when broken down. You have trousers, loafers, a blazer, and a button-down. But, with the two-tone shoes, crisp blazer, well-fitting pants and the "alternate" tunic/dress as shirt a more stylish and edgy outfit emerges. Wow, things are getting a bit mystical, no? 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...