Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Ordered!

This skirt from Mikkat Market

and this Tee from Fab

And the results are in...Dress from Tuesday is a keeper!  Thanks to the 4 of you who voted. :) Have a good weekend, B-dawg out!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Thoughts on Some Fall '13 Collections

I did a brief/limited look at Fall '13 Collections shown in New York here. It's taken me some time to look through the collections shown across the pond, but I'm finally starting to troll through the photos over at and I have some thoughts on four collections in particular.  

I love the detailing on these coats. This sparkle ombre effect was seen on a variety of pieces in this collection.  Makes me think this might be an interesting look to DIY imitate. Adding sparkle to the hemline of a big coat? Of course, when sparkle and DIY are in the same sentence one can't help but think "Bedazzler" and that can be a scary road to drive. I HATE the wigs though. I get the 50's kind of vibe the runway presentation was going for, but that hair is horrid. 

Okay, I felt like I was watching a mashup of "Singles," "Boys on the Side," and "The Craft" when flipping through the slide show of this collection.  The '90's are back my friends! I LOVE the first look of a flannel, tight leather pants, and a blazer. I can totally see myself rocking that outfit. And the feminine/short/flirty dress with a big coat or cardigan, I get the concept of that.  I like the grungy, throw-it-on ease of it.  But this is a major fashion house, and I know those grungy cardies are going to retail for hundreds of flipping dollars! That is just redonkulous! Why not just go to the thrift store for sundresses and old man coats?  So even though I'm responding to the aesthetic (in a nostalgic way) I don't think this was a strong collection, BUT it has a lot of real life elements. So, I guess I'm saying I liked it, but I didn't find it high end enough for such a major label. 

This collection has more fur than Chewbacca's planet. I'm not a huge fan of fur, it's usually makes a silhouette bulkier and when not used in outerwear comes off as pretentious. Of course, if I was married to a Russian oligarch  I might be singing a different tune.  Anyway, these two looks are all about the print for me.  About a year ago in my ramblings on those 2012 fall collections here I noticed at Libertine a forest pattern emerging.  Now here at Marni we have a different take on that theme. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm obviously a fabulous trend forecaster for calling out that noise!  And I'm still loving the idea of tree/forest/branch patterns for fall, it's so obvious, yet so fresh in my mind. 

Also in my mind, I really dig the personal style of Marni's head designer Consuelo Castiglioni

 So chic!

Stella McCartney

This collection was all menswear inspired. There were a lot of head-to-toe looks in pinstripes, which is a great non-pattern pattern. But mostly, I responded to the coats in the collection. I think Fall/Winter '13 will be the season of the over-sized statement coat. And as you know from above, I'm pretty much right-on when I make these sorts of predictions. 

Don't forget to vote on my dress here.  Results tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grey Day

Okay, I'm not picking my nose, but covering my laugh at Mr. Keller for yelling out "YEAH" at getting two "no parking" signs in the shot.

I love the bit of hardness these collar tips add to this pale pink shirt.

coat/pants-Jcrew Factory, scarf-Old Navy(more scarves here), shirt-Nasty Gal(similar here), sweatshirt-Gap, heels-DSW(similar here), ring-Jewel Mint

Here I'm wearing a sweatshirt as a sweater alternative. I think you can get away with a sweatshirt more so than not if it's in the right shade and has a bit of structure.  Something too faded and slouchy wouldn't work for this look.  But having this sweatshirt with a delicate shirt and classic wool trousers elevates it from weekend wear to work attire.  It helps that things are monochromatic-ish and that pop of leopard in the shoe is like a little hint of chic. 

Oh and don't forget to vote on yesterday's dress here.  Results to be revealed on Friday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friday Night Outfit & A Voting Opportunity

This is a detachable collar and I think really transforms the dress.

Hot Pink ombre tights! Need I say more?
dress-Le Tote, collar-Asos(more options here), tights-ModCloth(similar here), shoes-DSW(somewhat similar here)

These shots were taken with Mr. Keller's new phone Samsung Note II. It's kind of huge for a phone, but I like the acid wash effect happening in these pictures.  I wore this outfit for Friday evening festivities.  This dress was in my latest package from Le Tote.  You may recall my post about this clothes borrowing service here.

Well now I have the option of purchasing items from each tote. If I keep this dress they'll charge me $60. Now, dear readers what say you?  Keep the dress or send it back? Keep in mind the collar is not a part of the actual dress.

Leave a Yea or Nay in the comments!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Outfit Challenge: French Dressing & Food Trucks

 A few weeks back Lucky had an online feature: 10 Easy Ways to Dress Like a French Girl and I conveniently had a few of these "easy ways' already in my closet.

Grey Jeans

Embellished Sweatshirt 

Black Blazer
above images via

So here's my take!

blazer-Banana Republic, sweatshirt-Forever21(similar here), jeans-Anthropologie(similar here), shoes-Zara(similar here)

I don't know how "French" this is, but it makes a fun Sunday adventure outfit.  Mr. Keller and I checked out some food trucks.

coat-H&M, bag-Longchamp via Ebay

It was on the chilly side and I don't think I'd wait in line for 25 minutes for a taco again, unless the temperature is 50 or above. Oh spring... it feels like you'll never get here.   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Overnight Beauty

 I'm trying out a new overnight beauty routine.  Before I'd wash my face and dab some zit gel on any spots if I had a breakout and call it a night.  Then I came across a blurb about overnight masks and damage repair which got me thinking.  At my age skincare is no longer just about controlling breakouts, I need to start maintaining my elasticity and wrinkle prevention.  At least, this is what I've been told by the internet.  So, on the recommendation of some friends I purchased these two products.

First up Kiehl's Damage Repair Serum

Then Dr. Jart's Firming Sleeping Mask

My hair is AWESOME!

Wait 10 minutes before hitting the hay.

So far I've noticed just a general freshness to my face. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the acne front as well. Sometimes when I try/start a new product my skin rebels a bit and offers up some lovely breakouts.  After a few night things seem pretty clear. Again, fingers crossed!

So, what new beauty treatments have you heard of, are trying out?

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...