Friday, August 31, 2012

Autumn Wish List in Action

With meteorological summer officially ending today my yearnings for fall and fall fashion are in high gear.  You may recall my autumn wish list from this post and my Polyvore autumn outfit here. Well instead of longing I've done something about it!  Below are some recent purchases for the upcoming fall season:

Tiger Sweater from Asos

Printed cotton shirt from Jcrew
Safari Capri from Jcrew

the Danielle from Shoemint
Each of these items are great as stand alone pieces.  But get ready for  the knowledge I'm about to drop... I think all together they make one heck of a early autumn outfit!!! Seriously! The shirt and capris match of course, by adding the sweater it breaks up the pattern with the shoes providing not only a pop of color, but also highlighting the ankle which is essentially when wearing a capri or cropped trousers.  Happy Friday, everyone. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Outing of the Light Blue Cropped Tousers with a DVF!

Again, using the lining as my pocket square.

Great lining and inside pockets!
Putting a bird on it. And double ankle straps keeps those birds on there!

blazer-Diane Von Furstenberg(more outerwear here), trousers-Jcrew(similar here), blouse-Gap(sort of similar here), heels-Asos
Here we have another showing of the light blue cropped trouser. You may recall it from here and here and here! In all four outfits I've utilized these crops with blouses and blazers.  And I would like to think all four looks showcase the variety this "uniform" of cropped trousers, blouse, and blazer can have.  On another note this is a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG blazer!!!!  I got it on disgusting sale, and I think the eggplant color will work beautifully in the fall and winter.  Usually, if I buy a designer piece I go for a dress, which makes more of a statement. Quality building block pieces like blazers and trousers can be found at much more reasonable price points, but when an item is a phenomenal deal you have to jump on it. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belted Cardigan Outfit

dress-Jcrew(similar here), cardigan-Gap(similar here), belt-Forever 21(similar here), necklaces-Banana Republic(sort of similar here), bracelet-Mikkat Market(similar here), heels-DSW(similar here), sunnies-Ralph Lauren

Color, color, color, I can't get enough of it!  Okay, I've gotten that out of my system, on to the outfit.

I wasn't sure the bright yellow of this dress would work for me and I will admit if I had a bit more tan on my legs it would have helped.  Oh well, I've accepted my half-vampiric paleness.

I tried to office-ize the dress with a blazer(which you know I'm so fond of doing) however, the silhouettes just weren't working.  Instead I wore this cardigan and belted it to mimic the shape of the dress and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Outfits Not Just Clothes for Sale from Threadflip!!

After making several purchases from Threaflip I finally uploaded some items to sell! Check it out:

buy now at Threadflip

at Threadflip last seen here
I've been cleaning out my closet like a fiend and hope to feature more items up for grabs. This is just the beginning, I haven't even gotten to the dresses yet...


Friday, August 24, 2012

Leopard Print Booties Outfit


blouse-Modcloth, cargos-Saks Ave-Off 5th, booties-Loehman's(similar here), necklace-gifted, bracelet/ring-Jewel Mint
Outfit for dinner out with Mr. Keller at Roland's in the Strip District. Whenever we head down there (you may recall this post) I feel the need to go for an urban chic look. Mix it up with pattern and color, have a bit of an edge. And to me these skinny cargoes paired with leopard print boots gets the job done. I think this red is going to be great in fall, I'm thinking of mixing it with yellows and navies.  Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ladylike Lace Collar & Bold Strapped Heels


skirt-Jcrew(sort of similar here), shirt-Banana Republic, sweater-Old Navy(similar here) collar-Asos(more collars here), heels-Zara(sort of similar here), bracelet/ring-Cookie Lee c/o Debra Reed  

I love it when certain items magically go together even though you didn't plan on initially wearing them in the same look. I'm referring to the sweater, skirt, and heels--all from different retailers, purchased months and months apart.  This whole outfit is so well color-coordinated it verges on sticky sweet(in a bad way). What saves it from that final push are the hidden hard edges of the heels (with the athletic fabric strap across the front) and the detachable collar (even though it is pink and lacy).  Overall a great office outfit with interest and a hint of edge hiding behind matching colors. There are a lot of levels being worked here people!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ideal Autumn Outfit

Ideal Autumn Outfit

I LOVE the color palette here.  This summer started off with lots of orange and bright patterns. I'm very ready for more neutral tones.  Of course animal print pants are anything but neutral, especially paired with stripes and statement heels.  And that's the thing about dressing in muted colors, they don't have to be boring, there can still be interest/intrigue in the details and textures.

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...