Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Baby New Shoes

Having a baby and hauling said baby to daycare everyday can really put a kink in your step, and your shoe style. Plus our daycare has a "no shoes in classroom" policy, mentioned in yesterday's post, which means I have to take off my shoes when I enter her classroom for drop off & pick up.  So the days of intricate/strappy footwear are suspended until further notice. Hence, I'm in need of supportive, stylish, and easy to slip on/off shoes for the next 5-7 years of my life! So, I've ordered a few pairs, and have my eye a few others....

It doesn't get more supportive than Dr. Scholls, amiright? I snagged these polka-dotted slip-ons from a Zulily sale, and not only am I looking forward to sporting some dots here this spring & summer, I'm also super-psyched about the tread! The rainy days of April are here and there's nothing more disheartening than damp feet from flimsy flats, can I get an "Amen"!?

These d'Orsay-style flats are going to be so chic at work this summer. I'm for sures pairing them up with the culottes I got from Everlane, as seen in this post. Plus, it'll give my other black flats a bit of a break. 

These bad boys are on my wishlist. They come in other colors, but this bold orange is giving me LIFE! Like the dotted pair above, I see these saving my feet from damp socks on rainy days.  

Of course if I wanted to get SERIOUS about dry feet I may pick up these boots, especially looking toward next fall and winter, this pair would come in super-handy. 

But I'm not really ready to think that far down the line. I want to stay in a sunshine state of mind, and what better way than robin's egg blue drivers, like these? This pretty pair makes me want to go to a resort and walk the grounds all classy and shit in khakis and a polo. Or, maybe not so much. (FYI I loathe polo shirts, for both men and women). But I can see these adding some color and sophistication to a simple shorts-and-tee ensemble! 
Of course, I can't stay away from athleisure, and why would I want to with these dope sneakers! This pair is en route to my doorstep, along with a few tops from H&M. I see these slip-ons working under a boxier silhouette with a lot of leg. What a second... I THINK I just stumbled upon my go-to look for this summer!!! Shoes really DO make the outfit, don't they! 

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