Thursday, July 31, 2014

Midweek Work Outfit

Mr. Keller and I had a bit of a debate about these shoes. We both feel that satin pumps are NOT a summer appropriate option, however I was able to convince him that since it's been a bit crisp and chilly (for July) closed-toed satin heels aren't as sacrilegious as if it were 90 degrees and muggy.  Full disclosure: this conversation only occurred in my mind, but you see my point right? 

blazer-Forever 21(sort of similar here), shirt-J.Crew Factory(similar here), trousers-J.Crew(similar here), heels-Shoe Mint, necklace-Mikkat Market(more options here), bracelet-Jewel Mint 

It's been kind of a humdrum week for me outfit wise. I had a bit of an outfit fail on Monday, that was not documented (Thank God!), and Tuesday I just wore clothes (can you imagine?!). So, yesterday I decided to stop fooling around, woman up, and outfit properly. I think the weather is putting me off my game. As mentioned above it feels like fall outside, but it's July and trying to put together work appropriate looks with garments that are still summer, but also transitional and functional has proven difficult. So I busted out an old staple of colorful cropped trousers, slapped on some good old polka dots, and then blazed it up for this midweek work outfit. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dress Options

Last week I pondered over boyfriends jeans for my return-to-shopping list here. This week I'm thinking about dresses and not quite sure what I'm in the market for.

This is a very practical option and looks to be quite flattering for my figure. But it's also kind of humdrum...

This is such fun color and on sale, which is always nice, but is this something I can wear in a variety of ways? 

This is super cute, and again would totally suit me figure-wise. I can see this for work AND running around town, but I'm wondering if this is maybe slightly on the youngish side.

I think this might definitely be a purchase, just to have it as a basic, something easy to slip on. I'm thinking a brown leather belt and some heeled sandals with this would be a great late-summer outfit. 

Or should I be bold and say "f a dress" and go for a jumpsuit....

I only have today and tomorrow and then my year of no shopping will officially end!!! I'm actually going to hold off on ordering anything and go visit an actually store, or two on Sunday. I'm thinking I'll hit up Pavement and Mid-Atlantic Mercantile in Lawrenceville see what's out there, try things on, take it slow. I'll let you  know how my return to the wilds of retail goes. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Wearing a Hat!

hat-Banana Republic(similar here), shirt-Zara(similar here), jeans-Madewell(more jeans here), bag/bracelet/necklace-Mikkat Market(similar here and here and here), ring-Jewel Mint, sandals-Urban Outfitters(similar here)

I'm not a huge hat-wearer. I like the idea of hats, but they aren't always the best on my head. I think it's harder when you have shorter hair, or maybe I have more of a baseball cap type noggin. Regardless of my headwear issues this outfit is screaming #summerinthecity chic, right?! I've got my colorful cropped jeans and and oversized menswear-inspired shirt that felt fun and breezy, while these sandals, delicate necklace, and quirky bag added some stylishly flair. 

Check back tomorrow for my back-to-shopping list post on dresses! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

An Audrey-Inspired Outfit

Yep, that's a googly-eyed igloo in the background. 

shirt/shorts/sandals-J.Crew Factory (similar here, here, and here), bag-Avon(cute option here), sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here), necklaces-Forever 21(similar here), bracelet/rings-Jewel Mint

Over at Chicotopia one of the trendy ladies I follow Mojuzzy recently took inspiration from Brigitte Bardot and gave the vintage style a modern/edgy twist. But here's the cool thing Mojuzzy doesn't resemble the hourglass, blond, French style star, but made the look her own, which I love.  So taking inspiration off of her inspiration I immediately thought of doing my own take on some classic Audrey Hepburn. A) Love her style, she's like THE icon right? B) My body type and aesthetic are far left field from the doe-eyed, dark-haired gamine style she is so often associated with. So I found this image on the interwebs when I Googled Audrey Hepburn Summer Style and come up with the outfit above. 

I think I pulled it off, don't you? Also, if you're on Chicotpia follow me at BernadetteUlsamer.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Craving Boyfriend Jeans

I have officially one week(!!!) left for my year-of-no-shopping and I have been salivating over boyfriend jeans. This trend really took off last fall and I've been seeing all sorts of style "guides" and "how-to's" for this up and coming jean silhouette. I have my eye on a few options.

This pair seems like a good basic starter pair for the boyfriend trend. 

This distressed version feels more edgy/sexy, and I haven't had a pair of ripped up jeans since like 1999! The surge of 90's nostalgia is pulling at me a bit with this pair. Plus I'd love to glam them up with killer heels and a ultra fem-top and blazer. You know I love my blazers. 

I really like the wash of these, it's a good shade to head into fall, which I can't believe is upon us. The end of July can be so depressing because there's only one month left and all those grand plans discussed in June, like hikes, picnics, renting bikes haven't really happened... sigh... Back to the jeans, these are a more sophisticated take on the distressed pair, and may be a bit more age-appropriate for me. Gosh, it sucks being a grownup. 

I'm wondering if ending my fast is the right time to try out a more premium brand like these 7 for all mankind boyfriends. I've never owned a pair of higher-end jeans, or even tried them on. Is Madewell considered high-end? I do have a pair of crops from them, but I'm wondering if an exploratory mission of a designer label is in order...  

Don't worry I'm not going to go crazy next week. I am definitely getting a pair of boyfriend jeans, unless of course they totally don't suit me (fingers crossed). I'm also in the market for a new bathing suit for an upcoming beach trip (summer I'm not letting go yet!). And I think it's time for a new dress, but I'm not sure what I'm really looking for. Check back next week for a dress post as I try to figure out what will go on my back to shopping list.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hamptons-Poolside-Chic meets Sue Ellen Ewing Early '80's Realness

Okay, this post title is ridiculous I know, BUT come on, it's accurate am I right?

blouse-JOA via Le Tote, necklace/bracelet-Le Tote, trousers-Zara, belt-J.Crew,(similar here) wedges-Sole Society

These pleated drapey pants scream early 80's glamour. Paired with this sailor-suit-esque blouse I was definitely ready for a seaside cocktail party, right? This outfit also called to mind the elegance of early 80's Dallas.  It has been my experience that as a child of the 80's one's house was either in the Dallas camp or the Dynasty camp. We were a Dallas household for sures. So, one of my earliest style influences was Sue Ellen Ewing. Despite the pills, the booze, the philandering husband, and lost potential of a life on her own terms Miss Sue Ellen kept it quite fierce especially in the early years of the show. 

Here she is serving up sternum-baring chic! 

I tried to watch the reboot of the series on TNT, but I just couldn't get into it. The nostalgia for the original show was too strong and the new cast wasn't blowing my skirt up all that much. 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...