Thursday, April 28, 2016


My very good friend, and fellow "cool mom" sent me a Chewbeads necklace. I couldn't find the exact one I was gifted from their website, but it's similar to this one:

As a fan of statement necklaces I can't wait to try out my new Chewbeads piece next time I'm out and about with Baby Girl and in need of a "safe" accessory. And by safe I mean something that won't get damaged from her chubby little fingers pulling and grasping. Oh, and I guess safe for her to put in her mouth as well, yeah the baby's safest is important too. :)

After browsing the website, I'm also interested in picking up this piece:

They even have Juniorbeads for the baby to get in on the action. I'm thinking I like the junior version better than the adult choices... Like why can't I have bright stars around my neck, why is it only for the kid? And this piece is GLOW IN THE DARK, how cool! 

They also have Zodiac teething rings:

Baby Girl's sign looks like an anchor, hello Nautical Theme!

So yeah, hopefully my chewbead necklace will make an appearance in an outfit and on the blog soon. For now, I'm kind of slumming around for most outings with Baby Girl, I'll get my act together here at some point. 

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