Monday, October 29, 2012

Knit Cap Outfit





blazer-Zara(similar here), top-Gap(similar here), pants/bracelet-Jcrew(similar here), boots-Madden Girl via DSW(similar here), necklace-Anthropologie(sort of similar here), sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here
This weekend the rains came and they are not letting up. For a quick run to the market for bread, toilet paper, boxed wine, and mixed nuts(which are my essentials during storm) I threw on this striped top that is super comfortable and these Jcrew "minnie" pants that are also way comfortable and quite flattering.  These particular Minnie Pants are selling for $118, but when I got the 2011 version they were totally on sale for 40 bucks.  If you wait it out you can get some amazing deals at the Crew and Factory store. 
This may seem a bit too much for a quick grocery store run, but I didn't wash my hair(hence the hat, plus it was chilly) or put on any makeup so I figured I should at least be wearing an outfit and not just clothes.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Fancy Pants Outfit

I LOVE this effect on these pants.


blazer-Zara(more blazers here), blouse-Modcloth, pants-Asos, heels-Target(similar here), ring-Francesca's(more rings here), bracelet-JewelMint, necklace/sunnies-Banana Republic(similar here
My favorite office look once again: cropped trousers, blouse, blazer, & heels.  I told you I can do this combo in so many ways and never tire of it.  What can I say it suits me, eh?  Anyway these pants are quite fancy and I originally thought to pair them with a more neutral/plain top, but then after buying this blouse I really felt the two should be together.  Of course its always a good call to pair basics with statement pieces, but statement pieces together can have so much more impact in an outfit. 

Oh and that "457 ft" is the back wall of the old Forbes Field in Oakland, a little culture for you there.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas List-making

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I've started my Christmas list. Actually, I'm a bit late this year. I like to start in August (since I get paid only once a month) for budgetary reasons. Every year it gets harder and harder to shop for gifts for my family. None of us really NEED anything and while giftcards/$ is more practical it's still nice to have something to open up.  Also, I do like to put a bit of thought into it to show I care.  So here are a few ideas for this year.

I think these would be great stocking stuffers, I prefer the Lemon Zest flavor, they have a variety.

Set of 8 Classic stories from LTD Commodities
Possibly for my Godson, but I don't think he's much of a reader, or I may get these for my close girlfriends as a kind of a nostalgic gift.

State Dishtowels from Uncommon Goods
I'm thinking for my brother and sister-in-law. He's from PA, she's from Illinois and they live on Colorado, so that would be a cute set. 
Organ Pillows also from Uncommon Goods
These are a riot, but I really don't have a good candidate for this gift.  I mean, they are way too quirky for a parent gift and I don't think my boss would appreicate a "heart" pillow. Maybe for my Godson, we shall see.
So, who else has started Christmas Shopping/List making?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fern Arable Outfit


blazer/scarf-Thrifted, shirt-Old Navy, trousers-Jcrew Factory, shoes-Bass Outlet, sunnies-Ralph Lauren, ring-JewelMint
I'm calling this my Fern Arable outfit in honor of the 60th Anniversary of Charlotte's Web. This is what I imagine an older Fern, in the early '70's, might where upon returning to her families' farms.  Of course this is a prime example of the menswear/androgyny type of outfit I made mention of here.

On a final note I'm so ready for this week to be over, and it's only Wednesday....


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Epic Thrift Store Find

This past weekend I went with a friend to the Red White & Blue Thrift on E. Ohio Blvd and I scored a major, MAJOR deal.  This Jcrew blazer:

As you can see the original tags are still attached and the original price for this blazer was $278!!! Red, White, & Blue priced it at $74.95, which is a very deep discount.  But wait... the green tagged items were an additional 50% off that day!!!! So I paid, $37. 48 saving $240.52  from the original price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I said I was going on a shopping fast here. But this was not a retail or online situation, so I felt that it was not in violation of my previous edict.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Embellished Blazer Casual Outfit

blazer-Ellen Tracy via Saks off 5th, shirt-Modcloth(similar here), jeans-Asos(similar here), heels-Hive & Honey via Piperlime(similar here), necklace-JewelMint, bag-Nine West(similar here), sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here
Blazer last seen here, for this outfit I went more low key and paired it with jeans. I know that's kind of an obvious casual route for an embellished jacket, but the horse print shirt pushes things into a less expected place. At least that's what I told myself. I'm thinking this jacket will also make the rounds with various wool trousers in my closet as the fall progresses.  Needless to say I'm still in love with her. Yes, I've engendered my blazer as a she, but not a woman, more like a fabulous gay man with a campy attitude type she.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Looks I Like & Some Analysis on the Menswear Trend

Here are some pictures of outfits I like from the Pre-Fall collections. Images via



Saint Laurent(as its now called...)
(this image via Tom & Lorenzo)
I'm definitely feeling androgyny, which is a look/style that I've always gravitated toward, even as a little girl wearing my dad's hunting flannels.  There's just something about a crisp pant and blazer that does it for me. Of course, with menswear its advised to provide contrast with feminine pieces, which I get. You don't want to look like drag king, but on the other hand, a woman in men's clothes head-to-toe can be kind of chic.  Here's a pic of me Summer 2011 in Ireland rocking all sorts of men's wear:

Action shot!
Now, I'm wearing women's clothes, but the styling here is all about menswear. Sure I could have balanced it out with a blouse as opposed to a shirt, or more jewelry, or maybe a long cardigan instead of a blazer. But, in my mind these pieces begged to be together, plus I always have a feminine item, two in fact... Yep that's right my breasts, they're quite prominent if you haven't noticed and they provide a feminine touch where ever they go.  That kind of sounds like my boobs are out and about touching people/things.  Well they're not, they're here with me behaving themselves, so there.  Yeah, this post kind of got away from me...

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...