Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leather Top Outfit

coat/skirt-Jcrew(sort of similar here and here), blazer-Banana Republic(similar here), top-Mikkat Market(sort of similar here), boots-Target, necklace-Le Tote, bracelet/ring-Jewel Mint, sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here)
I used leather to switch things up in this fairly standard office outfit. I felt that the skirt and blazer toned down the edge of the leather, while the leather created textural interest in the overall look.  My first instinct was to wear a brown blazer, but this navy one jumped out at me , it brought some freshness to the earthy tones in the rest of the look.  All of that aside, I felt quite fierce at work, which is always a good thing. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purple Wednesday



coat-Zara(sort of similar here), dress-Gap Outlet(kind of sort of similar here), tights-Target, boots-DSW(not at all similar, but totally sickening here), scarf-Old Navy(similar here), necklace-gifted

I used to wear a lot of purple, not so much anymore, but for this outfit I decided to pile it on.  This really started with the idea of comfort, hence the sweater dress(sweater dresses always seem like the ideal comfy clothes you can wear out and about). These boots are so much fun, from there the purple just kept coming. This scarf has been in heavy rotation, last seen here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit Challenge! Go!

This past weekend I had quite an outfit challenge.  It seems that everyone decided that Saturday, February 23rd was THE day to schedule everything! Mr. Keller's brother and sister-in-law were in town so we all met up at their Grandparents' church for the annual ethnic food festival at 5.  Then my good friend's book party started at 6:30, another friend's birthday party started at 9 and we really wanted to check out the Speakeasy at the William Penn with said brother and sister-in-law.  All these events meant I had to put together one outfit that would be appropriate for each occasion, flattering, and in line with my general outfitting aesthetic.  Here were the top three options:

 Mixed Patterns Bow-tie Outfit
shirt/jacket-Gap, trousers/belt-Jcrew, bowtie-American Apparel, heels-Forver 21
Hello cropped trousers, you know I love 'em! Paired with a teacup pattern blouse and a bow-tie

Sparkle Stripes Outfit 

top-Jcrew, cropped trousers-Gap, heels-DSW
From all patterns to simple stripes an ANOTHER cropped trouser. 

Crochet Dress and Vest Outfit
dress-Free People(similar here), vest-Zara, boots-Old Navy(similar here)
A summery dress winterized with tights and boots. 

And the winner is...
Option 3! Here we are near the church's parking lot and a blazer swapped out for the vest from above.

blazer-Forever 21 (similar here)

jewelry-Jewel Mint & Cookie Lee

Detail shot! 

Taking a moment at the book party.  You can order the book "Mini Love Gun" here

Rocker boots.  This pic feels like it was shot in black and white, so artsy...
We didn't make it to the birthday party, and we didn't get any good pics at the speakeasy, but the outfit definitely rose to this challenge and worked for all events/venues. And that my friends is how you outfit!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Outfit On the Go

blouse-Uniqlo, jeans-Zara, coat-H&M(sort of similar here), sneakers-Dorothy Perkins(similar here), scarf-Old Navy(similar here), bag-Giani Bernini (gifted)(similar here), sunglasses-Target, jewelry-Jewel Mint and Cookie Lee 

Saturday morning was all about getting sh*t done! And this was the outfit where I did just that.  At it's core this look is just jeans and a blouse, but the fact the blouse is silk and I'm rocking wedge sneakers elevates things to outfit level.  Plus which, the coat is so mod chic.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Love Affair with Jcrew Continues

It should come as no surprise that I wear a lot of Jcrew.  Just about every cropped trouser I own hails from the crew(see we're even on a nickname basis, she calls me Big Red and yes I've engendered a clothing retailer and have a make-believe relationship with her). Here's a recent pick of me head to ankles crew:

I say ankles because the shoes are Zara, but ever other piece is crew and rarely do a few days in a row go by that I'm not wearing some sort of Jcrew paraphernalia.   Why am I such a brand loyalist?  Well, the clothing is well made, fits me well, and is versatile enough to fit into the various style aesthetics I'm drawn to.   Sure, Jcrew can be pricey, but their sales and Jcrew Factory store fit within my budget. 

So as you can imagine when the crew had a collection at fashion week you know I definitely checked it out and made notes for what I hope to purchase later in the year.  Here are my three favorite looks:

all images via
Shocker! Cropped trousers, button down shirts, jackets/blazers, and heels. What can I say, that's my uniform, my go-to. And Jcrew offers that to me with a wide array of ways to mix and match and keep my standard outfitting technique from being boring.  And that's what outfitting is all about, right? To not be boring.  Just wear clothes then, eh?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

NY Fall 2013 Collections

London Fashion Week is in full swing right now, but I've been taking a look through the collections show last week in NYC.  And here are some thoughts....

Pops of Orange

Creatures of the Wind
Rag & Bone

I love the idea of having a pop of orange (or any bright color) at the collar bringing attention up to the face and giving these somewhat severe looks a bit of whimsy.  This could also work the opposite way, give a flirty outfit some edge.

Full Skirts

Alexandre Herchovitch

Band of Outsiders

I think the full skirt/nipped waist will be big this fall.  Raf Simmons revitalized Dior's New Look in such a big way I think we'll start to see the trickle down effect in other collections.


3.1 Phillip Lim

I've been noticing for awhile now the way designers are reinventing uses for leather, last seen here. The Phillip Lim look is not out-of-the-box in terms of a leather vest, but that it's paired with a fuzzy sweater and sweatpants peaks my interest. The styling here is giving me ideas of mixing lounge wear and outer wear for a full outfit.  This leather dress from Altuzarra is giving me grownup-lady-badass, which is an interesting contrast that I haven't tried before.  Sophisticated punk, I like it!

50 Shades of Purple
Rag & Bone


3.1 Phillip Lim

Or more like 2... just like the orange above, purple was also another color featured by several different designers.  And from these looks by Rag & Bone and Phillip Lim I'm thinking that purple and orange (and subtler tones of each) may be the breakout color pairing of fall 2013...  I guess we'll have to wait and see...
All images via


The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...