Friday, September 27, 2013

So I'm Kind of a Nerd

Yep, this is a bowtie!
And if you look close there's the Tardis...
blazer-Banana Republic(similar here), shirt-Old Navy(similar here), pants-H&M(similar here), rings-Jewel Mint, bowtie-Gifted
This bowtie was a gift from my co-workers. We are all very much into Doctor Who and the most recent Doctor, Matt Smith famously coined the phrase "Bowties are cool" and in my book that's a verifiable truth! Beyond the bowtie, this outfit is quirky-chic with plaid cropped pants, shirt and blazer. The pairing of blues and browns is perfect for the season as the days are getting cooler, but still sunny.  FALL IS HERE!!!!!
Now on a serious note. I'm 58 days into my year of no shopping and I have a problem... my heels:

The tips are definitely jacked. Do I buy a replacement pair or just forgo wearing a mid-heel brown pump for a year or so?  I DO have a brown pump in a higher heel, but these are way more walk-able/workable... What's the call here?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Collared Shirt & Sweater with Necklace


The heels almost blend into the background, just like leopard print was meant to do in its natural habitat. Now, that's an Urban Jungle moment!

sweater-Style Mint, shirt-H&M(similar here), trousers-vintage via Nifty Thrifty, necklace-Jewel Mint, heels-DSW(sort of similar here)

Yes, this outfit is quite similar, in theory to yesterday's post. Collared shirt under a sweater, with necklace under the collar.  I think it's a fun way to layer and show off statement necklaces, while still being work appropriate.  You might say this look is kind of bland, but the necklace, collar detail, and heels give it interest.  Beyond that I love the feel of this sweater and these trousers. Both are soft, comfort fabrics, which is great for these chilly September mornings.  I've expressed it before, but here I go again--I'm so excited for Fall!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mint Green, Black, & Grey

I can't decided if I like the overall look with the shirt tucked, or untucked... Thoughts?

I've been seeing chunky, single-strand necklaces worn under the collar all over the place lately.  

Love the tuxedo inspired stripe! Oh, alteration idea! Add a stripe of material down the length of a standard pant leg for this look!
shirt-Nasty Gal(sort of similar here), sweater-H&M(similar here), cropped trousers-Jcrew(similar here), heels-Saks off 5th Tanger Outlets, necklace/ring-Francesca's(similar here and here), bracelet-Jewel Mint

You may recall my review of  designer Kaelen's Spring 2014 collection here.  In this outfit I'm taking a cue from her color combinations and pairing mint green with black and grey. These trousers were last seen here. For this look I rolled them up for more of a jaunty, riding-pants, silhouette.  As the year progresses, and my no shopping continues you'll see a lot of these "alterations." If I start wearing things upside-down it may be a sign that I've lost it.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Statement Sweater Weather

sweater-Nasty Gal(sort of similar here), jeans-Asos(similar here), necklace-Jcrew Factory(similar here), oxfords-Forever 21(similar here)
This sweater has appeared here and here with the same button-down underneath. This time I went with a simple flesh-toned tank, to wear the sweater a bit more casually. It's hard when you have distinctive items of clothing where the functionality is questionable. I mean, come on, right? This sweater is NOT practical as a layering piece for warmth, duh.  So how to wear it and not look gimmicky, but still make a statement...  I think I pulled it off with this outfit... I don't know, the necklace upon reflection might have been too much?  But, I do like the rolled up jeans and quirky little socks.  I'm thinking I should have heeded the great Coco's advice and took off one thing before leaving the house.  And that one thing should have been the necklace. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fast-Fashion Friday


blazer/necklace-Forever 21(similar here and here), shirt-Zara(similar here), pants-H&M(similar here), heels-Victoria's Secret(similar here)
This is a was my outfit for work last Friday. All of these garments are from fast-fashion retailers.  By its very nature, "fast-fashion" is up-to-the-moment trends from the designer runways manufactured quickly and cheaply for everyday consumers to acquire at lower prices. And, the quality of these products are such that they are meant to be worn only a few times as the trends go out of style.  Well... all of these pieces I've had for 1+ years, and while drop-crotch harem pants aren't the latest silhouette, this outfit overall is modern and chic. Fast-fashion doesn't have to be thrown out/donated after one season. You can get some outstanding pieces, as well as classic basics that will last. I'm not saying Forever 21, or H&M will meet all of your wardrobe needs and sometimes the quality can be crap, BUT trendy items today can still be incorporated into outfits for the future.  
This outfit coincidentally, matched up with my daily Style Up outfit inspiration:
I saw this picture last Friday morning and almost did a double between myself and the computer screen.  It's a pretty on the nose style match, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tie-Front Blouse



blouse-LeTote, blazer-Jcrew Factory, pants-Diane Von Furstenberg(more pants here), heels-DSW(similar here), necklace-Gifted
Photos taken with Mr. Keller's tablet-phone, the light is a bit off here, but the pants still pop! These pants, from DVF feel so luxurious. The fabric is heavy, but still silky. The drape is to-die-for, and the fit is relaxed. There is a sort of '80's vibe in the hem, which I'm enjoying. The trick with "recent-retro" i.e. the '80's is to go for a sophisticated approach. It was a tacky-tastic decade so be careful.   
And speaking of '80's, this tie-front blouse reminds me a bit of the big white bows shirts my mom used to sport back in the day.  Tie-front blouses can be a lot of fun. You can keep the ties loose, or you can use the "bow" for extra coverage around the bust area.  One thing, I'm never quite sure how to go necklace-wise. Anything too big would be overwhelming. Sometimes, the ties themselves are accessory enough, it's a case-by-case sitch.

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...