Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Culottes In Action!

Now that's an amazing shirt-tuck, amiright?!

shirt-H&M(similar here), culottes-Everlane, shoes-ModCloth, necklace-Le Tote(similar here)

The main components of this outfit were featured in Recent Buy posts--here, here, and here. Now, you can see the pieces coming together for an outfit! After finally relenting to culottes, this black pair is surprisingly comfortable, and not at all as unflattering as I had imagined them when the trend first hit the fashion rags. Plus, I love the shapes created when paired with this checkered shirt's artful tuck. Yes, this uneven half-tuck is completely intentional so as to playoff the wider leg of the culotte to create angles and edges. Because let's face it, without the shapes this would just be a simple black bottom and button-up shirt. However, with boxier culottes a slouchy patterned shirt, and d'Orsay-inspired loafers there's enough visual interest to make these clothes into a chic minimalist and androgynous work-appro outfit! 

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