Monday, March 7, 2016

The Artist Smock

I've been aware of the brand Everlane for quite some time, which focuses on what they call "radical transparency" aka knowing where your clothing is made, how it's made, and the actual cost for sustainable fashion. So yeah, their basics do run a bit more than average, but you can be sure of ethical business and labor practices.  And occasionally, they'll have a "name your own price" sale when they have overstock, which is why I recently ordered this:

I'm feeling this is going to be a go-to for work this spring/summer. I juts hope the fit is flattering on my post-baby body. Speaking of which, I've also been feeling the need for less structured more "abstract" garments. I don't know if that's the extra pounds talking, or the craving for simplicity with a twist. You know, like a stylized effortlessness in my outfitting. What does that look like? Besides the above smock, I'm thinking this dress captures what I'm talking about:

It's a wrap dress (which I love, last seen here), but with an interesting cut that's not overly complicated. I'm also eyeing up pieces from Mimu Maxi (I've featured there skitleggings here) like their version of the smock:

There's a sense of ease with each of these dresses, and also a sense of maturity. These aren't fast-fashion one-offs that are only good for a few wears. These are garments made to last and, they lean towards the modest end of the style spectrum. Modest fashion is coming in vogue here after a long and tawdry time of skin-tight, bodycon dresses. A covered-up sense of chic is right up my alley at this point in my life. I'm no longer in my wild and carefree 20s, where a frayed t-shirt dress is going to do the trick. I need structure, depth, a simplistic sense of chic. Plus, anything that can be thrown-on, paired with loafers, and is comfortable, while also being flattering is worth it's weight in gold!  

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