Monday, April 30, 2012

Bedford Resort & Spa, aka Book Club Trip

Last week I highlighted my road-trip outfit here, which I wore for an overnight my book club took to Bedford Resort and Spa and it was AMAZING:

The front entrance.

The Library

They have puzzle tables where guests are free to enjoy jigsaw puzzles in the library.

Beyond those doors is the in-door swimming pool, with original tile work from the 1920s

Entrance to the Spa

The bathroom was amazing!

Picked up this scrub and body mist from the spa shop.

The linens were so elegant and cozy.

This bathrobe is AMAZING, I felt like I was cuddling with Mr. Keller when I wore it.

Complimentary walking sticks.
My Bedford Resort Outfit. PJs-Ralph Lauren

The morning we left I took a dip in the in-door pool and was so relaxed that I just wore clothes for the ride home.

I can't begin to tell you how pampered I felt during this trip.  The hotel is amazing, the staff is friendly, and even the smells from room to room are elegant.  The spa experience was hands down the best I've ever had.  I received a wonderful massage and was able to relax in the spa lounge with cucumber water and fruit. I also took advantage of the Bedford Bathing Experience, which consists of a walnut scrub shower, steam room, hot tub, cold soak and finally a mist of cucumber spray all over your body. It was fabulous! And I did that rotation three times, which was including in the price of my massage.  I can't wait to go back.  My book club is thinking of having a yard/bake sale fundraiser so we can go again later in the summer.  I did bring some of the spa home buying the walnut scrub and cucumber spray, which I used immediately upon returning home last Sunday. 

We also ventured into town and I have some pictures, but I'll save those for another post.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shoe Note Cards

I recently got a set of blank note cards from ModCloth:

From ModCloth

My shoes, aka my slippers.

Each card has a citation.

My favorites.

And these cards live here:

My messy desk.  Pictures of family, books, CDs, magazine clippings. Kind of an inspiration board.  And the black and white photo at right is Mr. Keller as a toddler. Adorable if I do say so myself.

This weekend finds me at the Green Tree Library's "The Stylish Gal's Guide to Thrifting: Workshop, Luncheon and Shopping Field Trip!" You can still register here. I have NO CLUE what I'm wearing for that.  I figure something that I would wear out shopping, like jeans, flats, a t-shirt, but you know I like to "bring it!"  Also up for me is a Sexy-Librarian themed bachlorette party.  I picked up a few pairs of these:

as party favors.  Should be an interesting evening...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reading Announcement

This Sunday April 29th, I'll be reading at Hambone's on Butler as part of the Strange Animals Literary Series.  You may recall my last poetry reading outfit here which was for some one else's reading. For my own reading I think I may need to crank it up a notch and wear this dress from ModCloth:

I'm not too worried about being racy, it's a poetry reading at a bar for crying out loud, but I am a bit concerned about being chilly.  I mean what's the point of wearing a dress with interesting back details if you have to put a sweater or jacket on? 

So, for those of you in Pittsburgh this Sunday come on down to Hambone's to hear some great poetry and check out my outfit.   

Black, White and Grey Executive Realness

Such great buttons!

Lion Heads!

blouse-Banana Republic(similar here), blazer-Forever 21(similar here), trousers/belt-Gap, shoes-DSW(sort of similar here), necklaces-thrifted, bracelet-Jewel Mint

I'm doing Executive Realness in this outfit.  Worn for a day full of meetings and I love the details of this blouse.  The lace reminds me of a Spanish dancing costume, not that I know anything about that, but I felt it and went with it layering necklaces and adding a LIONS HEAD bracelet.  I love the details of this look, the silver belt bucklet, the buckle on the heels, and of course the buttons on the blazer.  And that is what make an outfit (in my opinion) details and intention and feeling it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road Trip Outfit

blazer-Banana Republic(similar here), wrap-ModCloth(similar here), scarf-American Apparel, fedora-Mikkat Market, jeans-Asos, boots-Old Navy, bag-Elizabeth Arden

For a road trip I like to keep it fairly simple, jeans, boots, blazer.  But I also like to have layers hence, the scarf and dramatic open-front cardigan.  You may recall my fedora from this post, I think its a super chic travel accessory, as in my Elizabeth Arden tote last seen here. There's always a lot of advice on what to wear while traveling, particularly for planes. For me no matter the travel it starts off with a good pair of jeans. By good, I mean a pair that fits well, while still being comfortable to sit in, is a dark rinse, which can be dressed up if need be, and a pair that makes me feel good about myself, i.e. skinny. That's a lot to ask for, but once you find that pair, buy 2.   The rest of my usual travel outfit consists of a super-soft t-shirt, cardigan/sweater and then a structured blazer.  It's all really  matter of balancing comfort and chicness.

Where was I going on this day you ask? Well, since you're wondering I had a girls overnight trip to Bedford Spring Spa & Resort!!! Stay tuned for that post, it will blow your mind!

The Last Bump

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