Thursday, August 25, 2016

Baby Buys

Now that I'm pretty well set for my own Fall shopping as seen in this post. I've turned my attention to baby girl's fall apparel with some of these recent buys!

These "ruffle-butt" pants and the coordinated onsie are the baby version of a matching set! At least, that's how I'm treating them. I'm loving the darker tones and whimsical, bunny print for the chillier days ahead. 

I didn't actually pick up THIS pair of striped leggings, BUT they are similar to the several pairs I've purchased in anticipation of Little Miss crawling around. I mean, what's the point of crawling and learning to walk if you can't show off your gams in some stripes, amiright?!

Grey, ivory, and burdundy is a classic, yet unexpected color palette for fall and fairly gender-neutral(which I lean towards). And, having mix n' match onsies allows me to send one to daycare in case of an accident.  

This striped dress keeps the color story going from above. With dresses you can mix and match tights, and/or leggings. I can also see this working with baby jeans. The dress-over-pants trend isn't just for us adult outfitters. 

Duh, obvie! 

And for some fun I picked up a few pairs of  baby "leggings" aka leg-warmers for my baby and some friends' babies from the aptly named Baby Leggings

The patterns are great, no? Southwest-inspired, stripes, mustaches, fawns, birds--they are fairly unisex and apparently one-size fits all.  I know baby leg-warmers may seem a bit ridic, HOWEVER they do offer easy access for diaper changes while baby's legs stay warm. I'm thinking they'll also provide great coverage as my baby girl starts crawling on our hardwood floors.  PLUS, they have themed pairs, which are a cute nod to the season/holiday, see below:

I love the idea of holiday-theme leggings that the baby can wear more than once, as they fit newborns-up to 24 months. So her Halloween flair is set for this year and the next! 

And while all of these retailers are fairly run-of-the-mill, in a good way as I REFUSE to spend too much money on clothes she'll grow out of in less than 3 months, there ARE some companies that are indeed aspirational....

This onsie is adorable and there have several fun graphic pieces similar to this WITH matching sweatpants, but at $40(!!!) for a casual piece that she'll probably poop through, even on sale at $20 it's just not practical. 

Speaking of totally impractical but fantasy-level baby fashion....

Janie and Jack's current fall offerings are my little girl equestrian dreams!!! This entire outfit, (which of course isn't complete since you'd need a shirt) costs $183!!!!  Those wellies, poncho, and plaid pants are just the tip of the iceberg. Look at this dress!!!!

ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!!! I would have died for this dress as a little girl, and so would my parents at the price--$69. 

Here's the thing, I'm not a miser by any means, but I have to be strict when it comes to shopping for baby girl. There are so many adorable and cute options out there that speak to my personal style and childhood fantasies. So, I've made it a rule to NEVER pay full price on baby clothes, because there are usually sales, plus Once Upon A Child is great thrifting option, and grandparents usually come baring gifts when they visit. 

And with the bunny-print matching set, stripes galore, and girl-positive message tops I think Little Miss will be rocking some pretty stellar looks come fall! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Little Black Dress

dress-Le Tote, belt-Gap(more options here), flats-Dr. Scholls, necklaces-H&M(similar here), bracelet-Rebecca Minkoff via Le Tote

Regular readers will recognize this trick of belting a drawstring dress, since I seem to have done so with just about every similar  Le Tote piece. (here, here, and here) Am I getting stale in my styling? OR, do I know what works for me. I'm all about sticking to what works AND trying new things. But, when is it time to give an outfitting strategy a break...? Some very deep thoughts here for this very fun and cute LBD. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Florals in Transition

bomber-Piperlime(similar from Zara here), tunic-Violeta(similar here), pants/flats-Zara(similar here and here), necklace/ring-Gifted (similar from Catbird here and similarish from Anthropologie here)

Here in Pittsburgh the transition between summer and autumn has unofficially started with morning temps in the 50s. Hence, transitional outfitting season has begun! By mixing these two floral prints I'm combining both summer whites and fall's black-background blooms. This bomber jacket, also speaks to the start of school with it's varsity style, while the tunic is a button-down alternative appropriate for the office, and the trousers are summer-boho romance. Needless to say there is A LOT going on in this look, in a good way, no?! And like in yesterday's post I'm pairing up black and navy, which used to be a fashion DON'T but works here with the mix of blues and other vibrant colors. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Versatile Cardigan

I want to address, what I'm dubbing the VBL aka the Visible Bra Line. It's such a pain that certain fabrics "reveal" the bra. Of course there's nothing to be ashamed about acknowledging the fact that half the population wears bras. But, it does distract from the line of the outfit.  But, who is the real culprit, the shirt, or the bra? Maybe a different, t-shirt bra would have been a better choice, but I feel my figure is better served with an underwire bra. If I come across a solution, I'll let you know. Now, onto the rest of the pics!

cardi-Jack by BB Dakota(similarish here from ModCloth), skirt leggings-MIMU MAXI, tank-Mango, flats-Dr. Scholls, necklace-Gift/Vintage, watch-Micheal Kors(similar here

As you can see I've worn this cardigan three different ways. First, as a wrap-tie sweater, then open and loose, and in the end simply tied in the front. I've had this cardi for YEARS and it's a great example of the type of garment a versatile and dynamic wardrobe needs. It's a fairly straight-forward layering piece with some interesting details, that can be styled for work, weekend, and evening. Here I've worn it as the third piece in this outfit of mixed neutrals, which I really enjoyed wearing. Does it a make a big style splash? No, but this look was sophisticated, comfortable, and I felt good in it.  All outfitting wins in my book!