Thursday, November 15, 2018

Horses & Plaid!!!

coat/pants-H&M(more coats here) , shirt-Asos(similar here), loafers-G.H.Bass, necklace-Banana Republic(similar here)

This is OOTD is fall outfitting firing on my style cylinders!!! We've got layers, plaid, we've got a horse print, loafers, argyle socks, and a slouchy shirt tuck! Plus the brown-earth tone color story, supported by an olive and brown backdrop is giving me all things autumn-realness! Yes, there are a lot of exclamation points for a standard shirt, pants, shoes, & coat, but the print-mixing, androgynous attitude, seasonal appropriateness, and how great I felt wearing this ensemble justify the punctuation. 

The hair is another story, I'm choosing not to see it. 😉

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Style Life

blazer-Banana Republic(similarish here), shirt/joggers-Uniqlo(more casual shirt options here), boots-LandsEnd

For some reason, this camo shirt and tweedy blazer live on the same hanger in my closet. I think this occurred during one of my wardrobe reorganizing frenzies when I went with a color-coded system. Sometimes I like to shake things up with an overhaul of hanger partners, which doesn't necessarily make things more efficient, but DOES give me new ideas on how to style my current wardrobe. Consider it another way of shopping one's closet. So, I've breathed some new style life into this blazer with this camouflage button-up, while keeping the look casual with black joggers and duck boots. 

And speaking of "new style life" I realize my posting has been haphazard at best, and the past few posts I haven't really brought my Style A-Game.  Maybe this post should be "Lack of a Style Life" because folks, motherhood is HARD, especially the second time around. I've just not been able to outfit at a blog-appropriate level, and when I do, getting pics can be a struggle. This time of year, if we can't shoot on the way to work/daycare, then it just doesn't happen. Plus, most morning #thestruggleisreal getting out of the door on time, so much so, that I'm not even wearing makeup. This is all of a way of explaining that posting for the foreseeable future will be limited. Hopefully I can get to it at least once, if not twice a week. 

Thanks for reading/following and I hope you'll hang on with me. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Matchy Match the Holiday Edition

You may recall the various #twinning posts with my daughter here, here, and here. Well this past spring I gave birth to another daughter and the idea of coordinating a baby, toddler, and mommy outfits may send me over the edge (in a good way) for this upcoming holiday season. I now have coordinated ensembles for both Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. Needless to say I am SUPER pysched, getting literal chills just thinking about the pics. 

First up, Thanksgiving! 

For these three dresses I simply typed "burgundy florals" into the search at and found these beauties. The great thing about the search feature at Old Navy, Gap, etc. is the results pull from across collections so you can simultaneous browse baby, toddler, women, and men to help you find coordinated pieces for the whole family.  True, florals are more of a spring/summer motif, but the burgundy base and rich colors make them appropriate for fall. 

Moving on to Christmas!!!!

Knit Wrap from eShakti

Like the floral dress above, this also features a wrap silhouette, which is a must-have for this breastfeeding momma. Also, pockets! 

Buffalo Check Dress from Carter's

Buffalo Check Jumper & Onsie from Carter's

The toddler/baby garments share a buffalo plaid print, but unlike the Thanksgiving looks above, I pivoted away from a matching pattern in the mommy dress. Instead I coordinated via the color pallet of red and black. Buffalo checks are a very strong pattern and three outfits full of plaid would be visually overwhelming, especially in pictures. 

Of course with small children there are no guarantees that any of these dresses will see the light of day, let alone a camera phone.  Between toddler tantrums, baby spit-up, and just plain exhaustion Thanksgiving and Christmas may just find us in clothes. But God-willing, turkey-wings-crossed, and by the blessing-of-baby-Jesus we may just pull off these coordinated family* holiday outfits! 

*I have no clue what my husband's wearing.... 

Monday, October 22, 2018

One Tall Glass of Plaid

coatigan-Madewell(similar here), shirtdress-Nordstrom(similar here), boots-Lifestride via DSW(similar here), sunnies-Target 

I love a brooding fall look, and this OOTD is serving up all of the brood with this black and grey, plaid maxi flannel shirtdress hybrid. There is some serious length drama with this garment, but at the same time it's so cozy and of course I'm loving the pockets. A coordinated coatigan and flat boots complete this autumn ensemble. 

On a side note: I've been able to manage my hair better thanks to this Garnier Hair Mask. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out deep conditioning when you think about how adamant I am about moisturizer. Oh well, the important point is that I'm feeling better about my hair. 

Horses & Plaid!!!

coat/ pants -H&M(more coats here ) , shirt-Asos(similar here ), loafers- G.H.Bass ,...