Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Minimalist Inspiration

Yesterday I featured an "direct from the runway" outfit inspiration. Today's look was inspired by a more minimalist image from the online retailer--Violeta's online shopping photos:

This pic features thier textured baggy trousers, and I just happen to have very similar pair...

shirt-Gap(similar here), trousers-Zara, slides-Old Navy(similar here)

Like in yesterday's OOTD I mimicked the shoes and pants then worked my way up. Today's inspiration is a much more "spot on" replica, as this breezy blouse not only captures the essence of the inspo photo, but shares it's color and silhouette. Besides how well or not my outfit matches Violeta's, this is a really subtle, yet chic midweek office outfit, no? For a day with no meetings a drapey drawstring trouser and pinstriped blouse are a no-brainer for work! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Resort Runway Inspiration

For those of us who follow such things, the Resort, formerly known as Cruise Collections have been showing this past month. I've been browsing through some of the runway/lookbook pics and was quite taken by Ports 1961's showing. If you follow my Outfit Ideas board on Pinterest you may have seem some of the looks I pinned. 

 Look 17 was the inspiration for yesterday's office outfit! 

culottes-Everlane(similar here), vest-H&M, blouse-Urban Outfitters(more options here), loafers-Zara(similar here), necklace-Etsy(similar here)

Of course, not an exact replica of the Ports 1961 design, but that's the beauty of inspiration--take what works and make it your own. From the above pic I started with culottes and loafers, then thinking about interested tops I picked our this abstract-printed blouse, and used the vest to provide cinching and structure. 

Inspiration doesn't just come from the Runway. Check back tomorrow for a different type of outfit inspo! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Culottes Train Keeps Rolling

sweater-BB Dakota(more options here), shirt-Banana Republic Factory, culottes-Target, loafers-Sole Society(similar here)

As I did in this post, I'm starting off the work week in culottes!  You may recall this floral pair from posts this past spring, here and here. And the culotte train keeps rolling as we head toward the official first day of summer on Wednesday!  

Summer style, especially for work can be challenging, but it's the type of challenge this outfitter loves! What's so challenging, you may ask? Well, for starters, there's the urge to dress more casually in summer, even if your office dress-code is fairly formal. There's also the need for strategic layers when faced with freezing AC, plus you want to be seasonally appropriate, but still covered up for the work place. AND, if you're like me, you want all of the above, plus having your work-wear reflect your personal style. That last one can be challenge year round. But, thanks to these floral pants, collared shirt, and tow-toned sweater I'm hitting all of the above marks! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Currently Craving... Jumpsuits!

Summer is finally here! And with it comes my need for easy thrown-on pieces that don't ask too much, yet are still flattering and chic. I've long flirted with jumpsuits, some past posts here, here, and here, but have yet to find the quintessential piece to fulfill all of my summer dreams! Here are some contenders. 

Unfortunately, this is sold out, but I do like the slate blue color, that fact that it's cropped, and of course pockets! 

Here's an overalls option, again pockets are key, and this could be a fun to layer with flirty tanks throughout the summer months. THEN, come fall I see some flannel under this onepiece. 

A very casual option with this jersey number. Of course, side-boob isn't really my bag, so layering is key here as well.  

For me, summer garments need to have flow, and this black jumpsuit definitely has that going for it, plus the pleating in the bodice feels very elegant and a bit more dressy than the others. 

Speaking of dressy, this jumpsuit features some lovely ruffles and polka dots for a more structured take.  

Another pick from UO, this one walks both a casual and dressier line with the easy silhouette and windowpane-esqu pattern. I also, think this could be really flattering for me with the wider straps and shirred elastic waist. 

Of course, all of the above are kind of blah in terms of color....

A very pretty pick in lilac! Again, a shirred bodice is great for ease of fit, and such a summer staple. Two points against this jumpsuit, lack of pockets AND those straps seem a bit flimsy. 

There's the rub! Each of these options have great details, but none of them have ALL the details I need. Easy to wear, works as an outfit within itself, suits my body, thick straps, has pockets, and features a nice balance of structure & flow. Tall order, but I'm not giving up! 

But seriously, which is your favorite of these picks? Let me know in the comments and I may just be swayed to make a purchase....  😊

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Holla Back to Safari Chic

vest-Banana Republic(similarish here), dress-Need Supply(similar here), belt-Gap(similar here), necklace-Le Tote(similar here), heels-Shoe Mint(similar here)

Remember when "Safari Chic" was THE summer trend back in 2008... Well, some trends ironically never go out of style. I've certainly been a fan of this aesthetic for several years, check past posts here. In this 2017 iteration I've used this little white dress as clean palette to showcase safari-esque add-ons for a chic outfit to take on the urban jungle. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bright Blue Blazer

blazer-J.Crew(similar here), blouse-Banana Republic(similar here), culottes-Mango(similar here), necklace-chloe + isabel, flats-Just Fab(more options here

This bright blue blazer has been a shining star in my wardrobe for years, seen here, here, and here. It's a versatile piece that's chic, yet graphic and serves as a vibrant third piece. In this look it's bringing some color to otherwise black 'n white office ensemble and creating a nice balance against these oversized culottes. 

Minimalist Inspiration

Yesterday I featured an "direct from the runway" outfit inspiration. Today's look was inspired by a more minimalist image fro...