Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sprinter is In the Air

blazer-Gap(similiarish here), hoodie-J.Crew(similar here), dress-Need Supply(similar here), flats-Dr. Scholl's, watch-Michael Kors(similar here), lip-PBJ Smoothie Stick via Birchbox

You may recall the past two years' "sprinter" posts, here and here. Well that warm surge of late winter/early spring has come sooner this year than expected. And I'm once again outfitting with transitional pieces that call to both seasons, while at the same time layering up for the shift in temperatures/weather. This white schmatta is pure springtime breeze, while the black tights, hoodie, and blazer are ready to take on the nips still left in the air. PLUS, there's a subtle contrast of this very romantic dress layered under a business-like blazer and sporty hoodie. But, isn't that was sprinter is all about--the duality of nature and the contrast in seasons... whoa.. outfitting as philosophical thought right there my friends!!!! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blazer Retrospective

Blazers have been a HUGE part of my outfitting style/personal uniform for well over a decade. In my mind a blazer is the perfect third piece, and a no-brainer way to bring some polish to a look. Here's a quick rundown of some of my favorite blazer moments--

A knitwear blazer, like this striped piece from Uniqlo, is the perfect cardigan alternative.  It has the ease of a sweater, but the structure of outerwear for a pulled together, yet comfortable office outfit! 

This "sea creature" blazer from Anthropologie has been a major part of my summertime work wardrobe. Novelty/whimsical prints on traditional silhouettes are a "low risk" way of pushing yourself outside of the style box.  

A closeup of a tweedy grommet-ed blazer from Saks off Fifth is a statement piece that can really go with anything, even a horse-printed button-down!

My good old navy blazer from J.Crew, a versatile classic!

From BB Dakota, this olive-green blazer is like a "study in contrast" if you will, what with the draped lapels and open front, for a loose and easy feel, topped by structured shoulders that squares off the silhouette. 

Another J.Crew classic blazer, this time in layered with a sporty puffer vest. 

My DVF purple blazer belted to bring structure and some designer finesse to a casual black dress and leggings. 

Another knitwear piece, this one from the Gap with a standout neon trim. As you can see, even while pregnant I kept up my blazer-game. 

Some filigree in blazer form from Zara

This  crisp white blazer from J.Crew is timeless and can freshen up any ensemble. 

Oversized tweed from the Gap. I wear usually wear this blazer as outerwear for more temperament days. 

This navy number again, as stated above it's extremely versatile, as it tops off these culottes also from J.Crew

A green tweedy number, this one from Banana Republic  perfect for fall, and for giving this edgy all back look some autumnal/preppy flair. 

Finally, here I am in all of my punk-rock schoolboy chic glory with this plaid blazer from J.Crew

I think I've typed "blazer" more times in this post than ever before in my life! 😉 And I think each pic speaks for itself in terms of the dynamic nature of blazers when it comes to outfitting! So, when in doubt put a blazer on it! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Buffalo Plaid Hearts

jacket-BB Dakota via Le Tote, shirt-Gap(more options here), pants-Uniqlo, loafers-Zara(similar here), necklace-J.Crew Factory(similar here)

This look was partially inspired by Burberry Spring 2014 Men's collection featured in this post! Black, straight-cut pants and simple shoes ground the ensemble, then bright and bold layers up top make it into an outfit! You need a strong base when mixing prints, especially such disjointed ones as hearts and plaid. Hearts being more girly and silly, while buffalo plaid is traditionally a man's workshirt print. It's key that both are rendered in similar colors--red & black. It also helps that red and blue are a dynamic color-combo. So, this seemingly simple look really had a lot going on! And yes, I DID wear this on Valentine's day, and yes a heart pattern may be a bit "on point" if you will, but the jacket, menswear-inspired loafers, and simple black trousers kept the look from being too cutesy. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Red, White, & Scarf

blazer-J.Crew, sweater-Le Tote, shirt-Banana Republic Factory Store(similar here), pants-Saks Off 5th(similar here), boots-DSW(more options here), scarf-Ralph Lauren

Okay, so not much "white" in this outfit, but you get what I'm going for in the post title, eh? Besides a witty title, I'm also going for functional layers and wearing this scarf in place of a necklace to switch things up in my accessory game.  

And did't even realize that this sweater's hue is a nice nod to V-day! I love happy little outfitting accidents!