Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Nautical Nod

dress/blazer-Uniqlo(similar here), necklace-Bauble Bar(similar here), boots-Forever 21(similar here), tights-Target

You may recall this same dress and necklace combo from this post earlier this past summer. Now, several more months pregnant it still fits (!!!) and is super chic for fall. In yesterday's post I mentioned how navy is a color that works no matter the season, and this outfit proves it!  

Also, I'm loving the nautical nod this striped blazer is bringing to this monotone look. Oh, and on a functional note, these tights are NOT maternity (even though I do have a link for a navy maternity pair above), but are instead a "sized-up" pair that I bought on the fly when I realized I didn't have navy tights that fit comfortably. A stylish lady cannot live on black maternity tights alone, and it's no easy feat trying to find other colors in store. So, if you're expecting and are in need of tights go online to get a wider range of colors. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cape Drama

cape-Le Tote Maternity, blouse-Anthropologie(similar here), sweatpants-J.Crew(similar here), boots-Forever 21(similar here), bracelet-Banana Republic(similar here), ring-Jewel Mint, necklace-Gifted

This drama-filled cape is yet another fun piece from Le Tote Maternity. I featured other pieces from that tote here and here. Truth be told, I would have never considered a patchwork cape as an outfitting option to buy outright. But, to borrow via a clothing subscription, it's a great piece to play around with and not have to fear buyer's remorse, or feel the need to keep wearing it (to justify the purchase) if it doesn't necessarily mesh with one's overall personal aesthetic. 

Speaking of personal aesthetic I'm loving the color palette in this outfit. Teal, navy, with some magenta equals a cool-toned take on autumnal hues. I'm huge fan of navy in general and even though I'm sporting a fall fashion chic look, navy on it's own is really a seasonless/timeless color. And these wool sweatpants are so comfy, yet sharp. I've been sporting them for work and they are like incognito dressy trousers. 

I'm also loving the laidback silhouette, which again, as in yesterday's post is giving me some Golden-Girls-Realness, check out a similar patchwork piece on Dorothy!

And this listicle on Golden Girls fashion tips from Buzzfeed here

I may have stumbled into the latest trend in maternity fashion, just copy a Golden Girls episode, I'll have to think on this some more... In the meantime let the cape drams commence with a few silly pics:

I guess this is my take on a super-hero pose because you know I'm wearing a cape! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Golden Girls Chic

tunic-Le Tote Maternity, cardi/pants-Zara(similar here and here), necklace-Banana Republic(similar here), loafers-Just Fab, ring-French Connection(similar here) via Le Tote

This outfit is total Blanche Devereaux chic, right? I mean the overall loose fit, suit-esque silhouette and drapey tunic top is Golden Girls 2015, amiright? Of course, I am. Check it:

This pic is from an amazing tumblr I recently discovered all about Golden Girls wardrobe! The Golden Girls Fashion.  And while I wasn't consciously channeling GG style at the inception of this look, I soon realized the happy fashion accident that had occurred once I checked myself in the full-length mirror. Also, I'm loving the color pairings of navy, black, cobalt blue, grey, & white that are going on. And this tunic from my first maternity tote from Le Tote added just the right amount of print to this overall neutral look.  

 Also, I featured these loafers in this post, now here they are giving some androgynous, drapper flair to my Golden Girl fabulousity! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chic, Not At All Drab

blazer-Banana Republic(similar here), pants-Gap, tee-Zara(similar here), scarf-BCBGeneration(more scarves here), flats-J.Crew Factory, necklace-Le Tote, bracelet-Vintage

This outfit is VERY similar to this post. Again, I've taken a standard outfitting concept and created a variation of it, while also making it more seasonally appropriate with a tweed, as opposed to a linen blazer as in the first go-round. What I really dig about this version of this look, is the subtle color play of black, beige, and olive green. Not the most eye-popping tones for sure, but neutrals paired up well will come off as chic, as opposed to drab. God save me from drab! Also, even though this is a basic black tee and trousers, the accessories help to make this an outfit, not just clothes. 

Also, also, this necklace was in my maternity tote from Le Tote, which goes to show that accessories are even more essential during pregnancy, as they bring in various style elements to more functional/basic pieces, which I find myself reverting to here at 8 and 1/2 months.  I think it may be time to bust out something whimsical soon. Things have been a bit TOO functional as of late. I may need to unearth some caftan action, we shall see. 

FYI: Mr.Keller and I are moving this weekend so posts may be a bit sporadic over the next two weeks as my wardrobe is packed up, and we won't have internet at the new place until November!!!! 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...