Monday, November 20, 2017

More Than a Vest

vest-Anthropologie(more options here), shirt/necklace-ModCloth(more options here), leggings-Zara, boots-Nine West(similar here)

Technically, this "vest" is more of a gilet/outerwear piece, and definitely the star of this OOTD. The black, grey, and pink palette is a fresh take on plaid for autumn, and is actually a subtle move toward transitioning from fall-to-holiday dressing. I'll definitely be wearing this piece as we head into December festivities! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Black & White Side Stripes

cardi-Piperlime(simialr here from Asos), top-Cupcakes and Cashmere via Le Tote, pant-Zara(similar here), necklace-Gifted, boots-Gap

This OOTD came about in a rather random, yet organic way. I started with these side-striped trousers, which scream fall with their olive/grey shade and tweedy texture, then worked my way up with this crochet overlay top (again more texture, perf for autumn), and topped it off with a tennis cardi to mirror the trim of the pants. Voila--some eclectic midweek work-wear! 

Sidenote: this shirt was somewhat of a summer staple, as you can see in these posts, here and here. Now that's its chilly outside, the boxier silhouette allows for an "undershirt". Look closely and you can see a striped cuff of a Uniqlo heattech long-sleeved T

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sweatshirt Chic

coat/sweatshirt/boots-Gap(similar here, here, and here), undershirt-Uniqlo(similar here), jeans-Anthropologie(similar here)

Three Things:

1. The fit of these jeans is everything!
2. This sweatshirt is inside-out to provide some color contrast. 
3. The combo of an oversized blazer with the sweatshirt is giving me a low-key 80's vibe which I'm totally here for. 

Thank you! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Back on the Tiger

sweater-Asos(similar here), skirt-Ann Taylor(similar here), shirt-Uniqlo(more options here), necklace-Anthropologie(similarish here), mary janes-Nine West(similar here)

Wrapping up this workweek with a Tiger!!! 🐯ROAR! You may recall this sweater from some of these old posts, here, here, and here. Back then I was playing off the graphic animal sweatshirt vibe from Givenchy. Now, I'm channeling the whimsical prints of Gucci. Which goes to show, that there are certain statement pieces (like a tiger face sweater) that you should definitely keep in your closet, because who knows when they'll be relevant again! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Church" Sweats

blazer-J.Crew(similar here), shirt/joggers-Gap, scarf-Vintage, boots-Landsend(similar here)

For this OOTD I paired comfy joggers with a tunic and blazer for a mishmash of relaxed and tailored style. My husband jokes that these are my "church" sweats, in that they are a nicer version of my layabout sweat pants that I can sneak in as "proper" pants in dressier outfits. And yes, I HAVE worn them to church, but not on a high holiday or anything. More like Saturday afternoon mass when the dress code is a bit more lax, you feel me? 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Put A Jackalope On It

blazer-J.Crew(similar here), shirt-Ashir Aley via Amazon, leggings-Old Navy, boots-G.H. Bass(similarish here

I think I can officially say that my hair is in some serious "transition"... I'm growing it out for various reasons and I remember why I got it cut short in the first place, I have no clue how to style non-short hair!!! So ignore my head and let's focus on this OOTD and Jackalopes!!!! 🐇🦌 The jackalope is an underrated mythical creature, everyone is all about unicorns and the phoenix. What I enjoy about its rendition in this novelty print is the inclusion of a little bowed neckerchief making this "fearsome" creature rather cute! 

More Than a Vest

vest-Anthropologie(more options here ), shirt /necklace-ModCloth(more options here ), leggings- Zara , b...