Thursday, September 29, 2016

White Hot Denim with Layers

jacket-J.Crew, shirt and shirtdress-Old Navy(similar here and here), pants-Uniqlo(more pants here), flats-Dr. Scholls(similar here)

You may recall this shirtdress from this post last summer, it's a versatile layering piece for sures. Here, I played up the stripes with a long-sleeved tee, then threw in some major-level print mixing with birds and polka dots. Topped by a white denim jacket, for a low-key yet dynamic midweek outfit. And yes, even thought it's after labor day one can still rock some white denim, especially here in the early days of autumn, you don't want to bust out the statement plaids and tweedy blazers just yet... but stay tuned! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hipster Librarian Realness

The reflection makes this hard to read, but it says "Data brings home the Bacon" a gift from a co-worker. 

cardi-J.Crew(similar here), dress-ModCloth(similar here), belt-Banana Republic Factory Store(similar here), loafers-G. H. Bass, pin-Gifted

The post title says it all, no? I'm channeling my inner librarian in this semi-quirky dress and fall-fantastic cardigan. I wanted to pick up on a color in the dress with the loafers, but now I'm wondering if maybe the pink is too focus-pulling? Would my standard brown weejuns have worked better? So many outfitting quandaries as of late, see yesterday's post. But I DO know that my bacon pin and this belt are great accents for this dress n' cardi combo! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mixed Emotions

So, I don't think this outfit photographed all that well...

What say you? 

top-Le Tote, skirt-Mango(similar here), belt-Gap(similarish here), necklaces-H&M(similar here), flats-Dr. Scholls

I think this ensemble looked so much better in person, or maybe I'm delusional... I did feel great in it, which is always a plus, but looking at these pics here now, I'm wondering if maybe we didn't properly capture this look's full potential. Not that this was a mind-blowing outfit, it's just a top and skirt, but can you ever really photography the way/how good an outfit makes you feel? That's a quandary for the ages my friend! But, I think the lighting is a bit off... what do you think? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stripes & Shorts

"shirt"-French Connection via Le Tote(similar here), shorts-J.Crew(similar here), sandals-TOMS(similar here), necklace-H&M(similar here), ring-Le Tote

This top is actually a knit, bodycon dress that I'm wearing as a striped tee. And, this outfit in general is another example of "transitional dressing" as seen here and here. Pairing a longer-sleeved top in a color/pattern that calls to the coming season with a pair of easy drawstring shorts and sandals straddles the line between summer and fall, which is what transitional dressing is all about. With any great IRL outfit, it's about finding the balance amidst style, function, season, and looking/feeling great! All of those marks are hit in this seemingly simple look, don't you agree? 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Birchbox Wins

I've been a "Birchbox-er" for several years and have always enjoyed receiving my monthly sampler of surprises. Some months are better than others, and while I'm not a huge beauty gal I have discovered some amazing products to compliment my fairly simple beauty routine. Here are a few that have really hit the mark for me.

I keep these papers at my desk at work, as they have become part of my meeting prep. I pat a sheet on my face, spray some scent, and swipe some lip balm before I head to meetings. Of course, I also prepare actual work stuff, but looking presentable is just as important. 

This moisturizing spray can be used all over the body, but I've been using it for my face. Just a quick spritz whenever my skin is feeling rundown, especially after taking off my makeup. I also use it in my morning regime, as a kick start to my regular moisturizer and primer before makeup. 

This supposedly freshens a fully made-up face on-the-go. This is another "at work" product, that I've been trying in conjunction with the blotting papers. Not sure if it's really doing much, but it feels nice and is fun! 

I have this in the shade of "No Strings" which is a dark pink berry tone and provides just a touch of pigment to my lips. I have a love/hate relationship with lip color. More times than not, I feel it makes me look like a little girl playing with makeup, instead of just having a dynamic lip. This Lip Lush, so far as been giving me a more seamless overall look. 

And coming in next month's box!

Very excited to try this product! I read a great review on Refinery29 and the video preview of the sample suggests using it as an overnight spot treatment as well, Best of both worlds! 

What beauty products are rocking your world as of late? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Menswear

Yep! My loafers and shirt are very matchy-mathcy!

vest-Vintage, shirt/loafers-J.Crew(similar here and here) , pants-Uniqlo, necklace-Gifted

More androgynous-chic-atude in this outfit, as in yesterday's here. But, now we have actual menswear with this reversible vest I stole from my Dad back in 1997. It's actually much older, being part of a 3-piece suit from the 70's. The vest was a last-minute add-on. I had been thinking of toping this this shirt and loafer combo with a white blazer, but it's STILL so hot here in Pittsburgh. I've always said a vest is the warm-weather blazer alternative, so there you go! 

Also, another pair of Uniqlo pull-on pants!  I have like, 6 pairs in all and they have been saving my life in terms of comfortable work-wear post baby. I'm recommend highly for all working moms out there! 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...