Friday, July 31, 2015

Lazy Blazer

Oh wrinkles... the ever-losing battle with linen... amiright? 

blazer-Olive & Oak(similar here), pants-Zara(similar here), tee-Style Mint, wedges-Sole Society(similar here), necklace-chloe + isabel c/o Angela B, bracelet-Le Tote

I've had this blazer for a few years. I don't wear it often, when I do I style it minimally with a t-shirt, neutral pant, and strappy heel, as seen here. It's a casually cut piece, but being a blazer does had some structure to a basic look. Nine times out of ten I'm against shoulder pads, but for here they work to balance out the loose silhouette.

Also, I think this will be the last outing for these trousers. The fit is a bit tight now. So I'll pack them up for next summer!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Drawstring Train Keeps on Rolling

In this post I wrote about that drawstring bottoms are "saving my life" during my second trimester of pregnancy. And to keep the life support going I've made some recent purchases that I hope will see me through the next few months.

The product name is "Plush Trsouers" which I guess is a uber-cool alternative to "sweatpants" which these basically are. Ain't no shame in sweatpants in my opinion, bring 'em on!

It's a well documented fact that I love me some bright colored cropped pants(here, here, and here). I'm hoping this pair will serve as a "pregnancy" alternative to my "regular" bright pants outfitting. 

These may, or may not get returned. I'm not really excited by them, but the sale price and their potential functionality peaked my interest. 

You can't easily see the navy hue in this pic, but these bottoms are navy, AND they have a black trim at the waist, pockets and cuffs. I do enjoy a chic navy n' black color combo, and I think these will be a great go-to for September/October. I haven't yet decided on my fall styles this year, what with my wardrobe options being up in the air, but I'm thinking solid, monochromatic type looks will best serve me in the third trimester. As they day darker colors are more "slimming". 

And finally for a bit of fun!

I've been rocking flats a lot this summer, but I still love heels. And even though these are open-toed, the black n' silver color and bootie like feel will work this coming fall for any fancier occasions that may arise. I'm thinking date night! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Fresh Effect

Blazer-J.Crew, Tee-Madewell(similar here), skirt-Le Tote, heels-Shoe Mint, necklaces-Gifted, bracelet/rings-Jewel Mint, watch-Nixon via Urban Outfitters

This knit skirt is working for me on several levels. First, it's looser fit allows for a "customized" placement on the waist. I tried it over the bump, under the bump, then settled for mid-bump, which makes it into a midi skirt. Second, the below-the-knee hem has a fun vintage quality to it, while the pattern (also on the retro side) is both geometric, and leaf-inspired--perfect for a summer! I went back and forth on the type of top to pair with this vintage-esque skirt, and opted for an easy, bright tee, that thanks to some master class tucking and this white blazer, came off fresh and fun, as opposed to sloppy. 

It's always a bit tricky with loose summer skirts and t-shirt combos. Where both hit on the midsection, and the right kind of tuck are key in created a energetic vs. "schlubby" silhouette. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Versatile Colorblocking

dress-Banana Republic(more dresses here), necklace-Need Supply, heels-Aerosoles(similarish here), bracelet-J.Crew(more options here), ring-Jewel Mint, watch-Nixon via Urban Outfitters

I've had this dress for almost 3 years!!! Currently, colorblocking isn't really "on trend" but, I find it always a fun option to outfit with. And even though some colorblock garments may seem like one-off type of looks, this piece is quite versatile. Case in point:

From December 2012 I paired the same dress with a blazer and boots for a wintertime office outfit.  

Last year, April 2014 I took a more casual approach with a cardigan and legwarmers. 

Now here, the cut of the colorblocking and silhouette of this dress allow for my bump, while still being office appropriate, chic, and a fun mashup with the pops of orange in the accessories. Apparently, you can't keep a good dress down! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Drawstring Chic

pants-Zara(similar here), blouse-J.Crew(similarish here), cardi-Banana Republic(similar here), heels-Forever 21(similar here), necklace-"Borrowed", watch-Nixon via Urban Outfitters

This lovely and delicate necklace belongs my BFF Jenni, who left it at my house after a recent visit. Wearing it myself reminds me of her and of course it's a different type of piece than what I normally wear, so Thanks Jen! for switching up my jewelry "look". 

The rest of this outfit is easy, breezy neutral chic. Drawstring pants are saving my life here in this second trimester of pregnancy. I'm not really "showing" in these pics. The pants divide my bump in half where they sit, while the tucked in and bloused-out shirt skim over the top half of the bump "concealing" it. Not that I'm trying to hide for any reason, but that's how the clothes are working on my body at the moment. 

Also, this cardi from Banana, that I got on super sale, has become a staple these past few days. It's great for the office AC and it's neutral hue feels perfect for this point of the summer. I'll definitely be packing it for our September Maine trip coming up! It's never too early to think of vacation outfitting, especially with a bun in the oven and the changing body involved with it. 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...