Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good Old Androgyny

jacket-Forever 21(similar here), shirt/collar-Asos(similarish here and here), pants-Uniqlo, loafers-Zara, socks-Target(similar here)

This outfit is featuring some classic pieces from past posts seen, here and here and is giving androgynous-chic-realness!!!! I'm mixing things up a bit with this knit moto-jacket for a more casual take on this tux-front shirt and tweed trousers. Normally, I would have gone with a standard black velvet blazer, but on a practical note, it's much easier to layer a knit under a winter coat, which makes this jacket function more like a cardigan. FYI, I was pretty chilly during these shots. My husband was holding my Columbia Sportswear coat, last seen here

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wish List Xmas

You may recall that I started another year of no shopping back in September, that doesn't mean I'm not in the market for some Christmas-time gift giving! Here are a few items from the wish list I sent Santa!

The blouse isn't my usual style, but frilly sleeves and whimsical silhouettes aren't going anywhere for a while, so I may as well dip my toe in, so to speak! 

And I'm thinking this blazer would be the perfect topper to a romantic blouse, and speaks more to my outfitting wheelhouse. 

I've been eyeing up Moop bags for years, but have never taken the plunge, which is a shame because it's a local Pittsburgh business that I should support. I love this Porter bag because it's huge, versatile, and simply chic.

I just recently discovered these unisex and waterproof sneakers! I mean you had me at waterproof, right? 

I'm thinking none of these items will be under my tree Christmas morning, BUT I really need to make it a point to check out Moop once my hiatus is over come September. AND... I may just breakdown and pick up these sneakers, if nothing but for the practicality of them, right? I mean winter in Pittsburgh can be a slushy mess! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreaming of a Silver Xmas

wrap-American Apparel, dress-Banana Republic(similar here), skirt-LuLa Roe, necklace-Gifted(similar here from The Limited), gloves-Target(similar here), boots-DSW(similar here)

In my last post I was all pinks, plaids, and florals, for THIS holiday outfit it's all about minimal greys and silvers. That's the great thing about festive dressing, you can go crazy with print mixing, or you can keep things simple, yet chic. Whatever route you take, please please, make it warm one. At a recent holiday party I saw a younger woman wearing a lace dress without tights! Oh honey, maybe it's just the wisdom that comes with age, but no ensemble is worth freezing over! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pink Lady Xmas

jacket-Le Tote, dress/necklace-Anthropologie(similarish here and here), boots-Zara(similar here), gloves-Neiman Marcus(similar here), cuff-Vintage

I bought this dress last spring on super-sale and have been keeping it "on hold" to wear this holiday season. The pink-and-grey plaid is festive without being obnoxious, and this floral bomber from Le Tote was the perfect topper! There's definitely a Pink Lady vibe going on here, which is a fun contrast to the feminine/preppy plaid. I pushed this look toward the harder edges with the cuff and studded gloves. But, the big takeaway from this ensemble is that there are no limits to creativity for holiday dressing. Sure, you can go the red n' green route, but if you want to really push your style aesthetic then try for the unexpected, yet keep things fun and festive! Need inspiration? Then check out some of my past holiday dressing posts: here, here, and here!

On a sidenote: this necklace, also from Anthro, was purchased YEARs ago, like 5+ and it so beautifully picks up on the passive, yellow and green shades in the plaid, which goes to show that when you have a long-standing "relationship" with a retailer you are able to build up your own style over the years through their offerings and acquire pieces that "collaborate". 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Varsity Level Outfitting

sweater-Le Tote, trousers-Zara(similar here), tee-Gap, scarf-J.Crew Factory(similar here), boots-Shoe Mint(similar from Zara here) necklace-chloe + isabel, watch-Michael Kors(similar here)

This "varsity" sweater on loan from Le Tote perfectly matched up with these athleisure trousers from Zara for a preppy, androgynous chic outfit! The checkered infinity scarf kept the black and ivory color theme going, and combat-style boots gave the overall look some edge. So while, this ensemble seems pretty simple, there's really a lot of wonderful style elements happening, plus is was super comfortable and flattering, if I do say so myself! 

The Last Bump

cardi-Piperlime( here from Poshmark ), dess-Anne Klein(similar here ), sandals- Earth Origins , necklace-M...