Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Trends and Celine

Spring 2013 Fashion Weeks are in full gear, but I wanted to take a moment and contemplate the Fall 2012 collections from back in February since we are now in Fall and I'm trying to assimilate the various high-fashion trends. (Check out my dress-over-pants attempts here and here.) One collection that really caught my eye was Celine.  A few seasons back Celine brought severe minimalism back on the scene and since then head designer Phoebe Philo has been tweaking that concept introducing new silhouettes and shapes.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2012 showing:

For me this is all about shape and finding a balance between a slouching pant and a sleek top.

How badass is this?! Love the styling with the little Mod boots.

This makes me think I need to get a pair of crisp wool pink trousers. Also, I dig the pairing of wool with leather.
An orange/red cropped pant, you know I love it!  From this image I'm seeing how to transition my bright cropped trousers into fall with a statement coat.

Another statement coat, but for me its all about the color blocking in this look.
Of course I won't be going on a shopping spree at Celine for my fall wardrobe (I may hit up Tanger Outlets this weekend though...) However, I personally like to take inspiration from the high-end collections and build off of them.  What I'm taking away from this Celine collection is ideas about how to mix different shapes and colors. And of course how to wear my red cropped pants into fall.  What are your fall fashion inspirations?
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dress Over Pants Redo with Fancy Pants

Didn't even realize it, till I saw these two pictures that the swipe of red in the shoes mirrors the pop of red in the collar. Happy accidents, eh?

blazer/heels-Target(similar here), dress-Mikkat Market(sort of similar here), pants-Asos, bracelet-Cookie Lee c/o Debra Reed, bag-vintage/gifted.

Giving it another go of a dress over pants.  Unlike yesterday's longer fuller silhouette seen here, I opted for something more cropped and leaner.  And I have to say, less overall volume and this sheer overlay feels like a more successful strategy for pulling off this trend.  Also, keeping it all in the same color family helps as well. 

On a side note, how do you like my fancy pants? Another fall trend that I'm more on board with. Check out Refinery29's list of options here

So, dress over pants--check, fancy pants--checks, pattern-on-pattern-check (see here). What fall trends are you trying out?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nautical '70s Outfit

My chic ladies.

tunic-Anthropologie, jeans-Urban Outfitters(similar cut here, color here), scarf/bag-H&M, necklace-Modcloth(something fun here), bracelet-Jewel Mint, shoes-Isabel Toledo for Payless(current options here
When reviewing the fall shows earlier this year I was skeptical about the dress over pants trend that seemed to be emerging.  Well, here I am giving it a go. Granted, this is more of a tunic over pants so I didn't drink the whole cup of kool-aid.  I do enjoy the '70s feeling here and the overall ease of the look. However, with the scarf and bag and jewelry it almost feels a bit too much.  Add a headpiece and a few more necklaces and I fear I'll be in Edina Monsoon territory from Absolutely Fabulous:

What do you think? Tunic over flared pants too much?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Green, Blue, Black, & Grey

blazer-Gap(similar here), shirt-StyleMint, trousers-Jcrew(similar here), shoes-ShoeMint, necklace-Thrited, sunnies-Ralph Lauren

Inadvertently the shoes dictated the color combos of this whole outfit.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that the girls at Style Mint and those at Shoe Mint collaborated on the color schemes behind the shirt and heels because they just beg to be together, don't you think?  The shirt by itself is fairly casual, but having killer heels and this blazer makes it more office appropriate. 

You know the ladies at work think I wear some crazy pieces, but I like to point out that in terms of the silhouette, not so much. I just have fun with color and pattern, which you can totally pull off if you keep the shapes conservative and in nice fabrics.  Just a little bit of insight there for you.  Happy Monday! (I can't believe I just did a "happy monday" shout out, scratch that. Screw Monday! The only good thing about Mondays for me, is they are the beginning of another week of outfitting opportunities.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tiger Sweater Outfit, Grrrr

I'm on the phone, got a call in the middle of taking pictures, life never stops not even for outfits.

Look out Grrr, its a tiger!

shirt/pants-Jcrew Factory, sweater-Asos, booties-DSW(similar here), necklace-Cookie Lee c/o Debra Reed, bracelet/rings-JewelMint, clutch-gifted

So this is a lot of look going on.  But if you read through this trend report from you can see that matching prints. top and bottom are huge this fall.  And since I can't afford a head-to-toe Prada mod-esque geometric patterned coat, shirt and pants I've opted for some leopard print from Jcrew.  And if you're wearing leopard why not put a tiger on it.  This sweater is some street style inspiration. I saw a ton of quirky sweaters with dogs, sharks, etc. in fashion week coverage and since I can't be in New York or Paris or London I figure I could at least outfit as if I was.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

French Sailor-Fifties Greaser-Punk Outfit

jacket-Old Navy(similar here), jeans-Asos(similar here), tshirt-Uniqlo(similar here), necklace-gifted, sneakers-Converse(similar here), cuff-Vintage, sunnies-Ralph Lauren

This outfit touches a variety of styles.  The tshirt is very french-girl gamine (but what black and white striped tshirt isn't) the jeans and sneakers are very Outsiders greaser, and the cuff is total punk rock. Or maybe this is just a standard tshirt/jeans/sneakers/denim jacket combo and was really the only things left clean in my suitcase after several days in the mountains.  You be the judge.


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