Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I Need Hugs

tee-Forever 21 Men's, blazer-Gap(similar here), sweater-Old Navy(similarish here), pants-Uniqlo, flats-DSW(similar here), cuff-Vintage 

I got this tee at the beginning of summer and have been throwing it on for all sorts of casual activities--walks in the park, morning swim class at the YMCA, quick runs to the grocery. It's been my go-to summer tee. Yesterday being totally OVER the hot weather I threw it on for work, which is so NOT office kosher, but whatevs. I had this standard black blazer and striped sweater in case I needed to "cover up" which FYI, I totally needed to because the office AC is ridic! Check out true to life skit here.  

Yep, it's been a hot, sticky, and hectic summer. This tee definitely says it all!

Oh, and this punk-rock cuff is Nineteen Ninety-Amazing, right?!

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