Monday, August 1, 2016

All Black Summer Chic

Yes, this is some subtle-sexy cleave on display, and why not? I'm fairly covered-up in the rest of this look, plus is't the perfect foil for this Y-shaped necklace. 

Pedicure from Envy Nail Spa

shirt-Anthropologie(similar here), culottes-Everlane(similar here), slides-Old Navy(similar here), necklace-Jewel Mint(similarish from Asos here)

I know some people may see this and think--baggy, drabby, and sloppy. But I see a chic and dynamic silhouette that plays in the oversized end of the style pool. Because, yes these pieces are "too big" for me, but they are big on purpose--to create an off-kilter silhouette. From the breezy, sleeveless, deep-V top, to the wide-legged, cropped bottoms, and down to open-toed flats, each item creates angles. Things are kept lean with the stripes and pleats in the tunic, while being rendered in all black keeps the look cool, and grounded for everyday wear. A lot of crazy colors WOULD render this on the ridic side of things. 

Plus, I love an all-black for summer. It's like the alt-chick's answer to sweet pastels and good-girl whites. 

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