Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wild Feminist

tee-Wildfang, shirt-Uniqlo(more shirts here), leggings-Zara, necklace-Le Tote, sunnies-Borrowed, sneakers-Easy Spirit

The tee says is all, amiright? You may recall this post, where I featured my purchase of this t-shirt. Now here it is in action! For such a straight-forward outfit there's really a lot going on. At first this look came about "ass-over-tea-kettle" if you will, but I really love the seamless sense of  style going on here. When taken in parts, this is just a tee w/ leggings, and a shirt. However, the message of this tee, with the camo shirt, and men's sunglasses are pure tomboy, while the leggings are somewhat fem AND super-flattering. The necklace and watch give this a bit of grownup glamour, while the sneakers are kind of an admitted cop-out. These are my "house" sneakers. They literally save my feet after a long day going up and downstairs baby in tow. I needed support for this day, out and about. And come on, doesn't EVERY wild feminist need whatever support she can get? F*ck yeah! 

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