Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Raindrops & Stripes

Windy, shirttail shots! 

blazer-Uniqlo(similar here), shirt-Anthropologie, pants-J.Crew,(similarish here) sneakers-Target, watch-Wegner, necklace-Vintage/Gifted

First, these sneakers are a total "Working Girl" functional sitch. I wore them to walk from my office to meet Mr. Keller near his office with baby in tow, so while they weren't part of the original concept of this outfit (I wore navy loafers at work) they are still fun and in the same color family as the rest of this look.

Second, this necklace is/was my Dad's from the 70's. He asked if I wanted it, and when I said yes he asked "Well what are you going to do with it?" Me: "Wear it." Him: "But, it's a man's necklace." Me: "Well then why are you giving it to me?" Him: "Because you said you wanted it." UGH! Dads...amiright?! :)

Thirdly, there is some master-level print-mixing up in this piece! Maybe, that should have been first, but let's break it down: pinstripes on the bottom, horizontal stripes in the blazer, and a NOVELTY print of raindrops and umbrellas, grrrrl, the neclace drama pales in comparison.

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