Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recent Buys Anthropologie & Uniqlo

This week I picked up a few office essentials for the coming spring/summer. 

I'm thinking this will be my go-to office cardi when the AC makes it impossible not have another layer at hand. I like that it's neutral, but interesting with the piping and it has pockets! 

This vest is definitely more "fall" in terms of the plaid and woolly material, HOWEVER the light grey and pink palette is a nod to springtime, AND vests are great blazer alternatives for warm-weather workwear. Plus, I can just wear all-black underneath and still have an outfit going on, instead of just clothes. 

Technically, I can't wear this to work, but I think with the right topper (like the vest above) I can get away with an uber-comfy jumpsuit for days when I don't have meetings. Plus, this will be a great thrown-on piece for casual days.  

I have these trousers in black and plaid, and they are great for work. Easy to wear, professional without being fussy, and again pockets. 

At first this may come across as a "Grandma Shirt" but, worn with the pants above and a white blazer, I think it will be really fresh. I can also see it working with black trousers and my bright blue blazer. And there's always grey trousers and a black cardi/blazer, so yeah it has potential.  

I'm also in the midst of rexamining my shoe wardrobe, more on that next week...

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