Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Apologies, Just Outfitting

bomber-Piperlime(similar here), top-Who What Wear for Target, skirt-Forever 21(similar here), vest-Zara(similar here), necklace-Banana Republic(more options here), watch-Wegner

How fun are the colors in this outfit?! And there's some sprinter-appropriate layering going on with the vest and bomber jacket. This vest, with is collar is the perfect blazer-alternative for work, especially in the summer when it's just too warm for a full-on jacket. This top I bought as a "back to work" piece as featured in this post and it goes perfectly with this knit skirt that was last seen in this post during my second trimester, when I was just starting to "show". 

I've blogged before about my love for knitwear and it's "forgiving" nature. Of course forgiving is in quotes because the very word implies a "sin" or wrongdoing, as if the body should be shamed for its appearance. Well, let me put something else in quotas in response "f*ck that noise!" The language around "flattering" silhouettes/garments/styles so often implies negative connotation towards the natural state of the body. And I really want to try to get away from that in my own style writing. So no, knitwear is not "forgiving" it's versatile, it's functional, it serves the body instead of restricting it. Yeah, take that! F*ck forgiveness, it's not about apologizing for myself, but instead seeking out what best SERVES me! 

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