Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hoodie Blazer

So I've been wearing a hair-tie as a ring. It's way less "douchey" then having it on my wrist and it's an easy accessory. I've been laying off the jewelry lately, it's one less thing to worry about in the morning, AND I'm afraid the baby will scratch herself on my jagged statement necklaces. 

blazer-Le Tote, shirt-ModCloth, pants-H&M(similar here), loafers-Isaac Mizrahi

This blazer and hoodie are all one piece, and I'm loving the faux-layered affect. It has the texture and contrast of two garments without the bulkiness. These pants are so old, I bought them when they were named "harem" pants, but as trends come back around in a new way they are "joggers". So yeah, these joggers are on the edge of being work appropriate, but the black blouse and loafers nicely skirts that edge. On days when I don't have meetings I go a bit more casual, and now with daycare drop-off and pick-up the less restrictive my outfits are the better. It's nearly impossible to haul a baby car-seat carrier, pick up a baby off the floor to put in said carrier that is also on the floor in a pencil skirt. I've not attempted and I have no intention. So yeah, easy pants and free-flowing shirts are de rigueur for this #mamabackatwork

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