Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dreaming of Shorts

Summer is still a couple of months away, but this warmer than usual spring has got me thinking about summer outfits sooner than usual.  I'm really attracted to the idea of denim cutoffs and slouchy shorts.

The idea of a short sleeve button-up shirt and cutoff shorts appears to be the way a grownup dresses for summer.  Tube-tops/tube-skirts and babydoll sundresses are so unappealing in my book(at least for my personal style).  The above look from Ilana Kohn and this one  

from Jcrew are starting to inspire some potential summer outfits for me.  They are both fairly easy, yet crisp and with a bit of casual sophistication.

Also, I think many women make the mistake of wearing tight/skimpy clothing in the summer thinking the less fabric the cooler you will feel. I'm more in the school of drapey/oversized options like this:

via the Satorialist

There is the fear of losing the body in looser-fitting clothes, but the drawstring of these shorts and the fact the collarbone is exposed mitigate that issue.  Like with any outfit/piece it's all about personal fit.
I picked up these shorts from Mikkat Market:

And I think they will work perfectly with these drapey shorts idea.  I already have my denim cutoffs from last summer ready to go, now it's about pairing each with the right button-ups and draped shirts.  Of course, flat sandals(NOT FLIP FLOPS) will also be apart of my summer look.  What summer outfit ideas are you thinking about? 


  1. I'm dreaming of longer, slouchy shorts with wide legs and no tapering, soft fabric and lots of drape.


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