Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Potential DIY Project

It is COLD here in Pittsburgh and while outfits have been happening IRL, the opportunity to capture them in pictures has been very hard to come by with the weather and the darker days. Nonetheless, I'm hoping to get some wonderful winter fashion shots this weekend, Saturday is supposed to be sunny and a whopping 21 degrees!

In the meantime I've been eyeing this shirt at J. Crew 

Which is not all that different from a shirt I have from the Gap similar to this:

It's all about the side trim in the J.Crew version above and I'm thinking since I own two blue, button-down Oxfords why not alter one by adding some metallic trim along the side seams like some rick rack from Joann Fabrics....

Of course there is the potential this could turn out kind of homemade hokie, maybe actual fabric in a strip with the trim as a finisher is a better call. Something like this, 

Maybe not this exact type, but you get the idea, right? Or, I could experiment with one of my all time favorite patterns plaid, with a metallic edging.

Of course, when I say "I" what I really mean is my seamstress Melissa, because this outfitter does not sew. And yes if I'm paying some one to make this alteration happen, along with the fabric it might not be at all cheaper than just buying the actual shirt (which is one sale) but hey I'm due for a fun DIY fashion hack. 


  1. What you need is an embroidered ribbon similar to these I just found on Etsy.

    1. Yes! I think we need to have a meeting about this project!


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