Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leggings in Winter

 sweater-Willow & Clay via Le Tote, shirt/leggings-Old Navy(similar here and here), scarf-Noir Luxe via Le Tote necklace-chloe + isabel c/o of Angela B, watch-Michael Kors(similar here), boots-Target(similar here

First off, as soon as I thought of this post's title "Leggings in Winter" my mind IMMEDIATELY thought of The Lion in Winter and how Katharine Hepburn worked that head-scarf-medieval-drag , which then brought to mind the re-imagining of said film in the Fox show Empire, which is so wonderfully melodramatic with EPIC costuming. I'm not saying that my outfit here is anywhere near that show's style, but I wanted to share my stream of consciousness. However, the mix of prints here is pretty freaking fabulous! Birds, checks, and leopard print oh my!

Anyway, about leggings--I recently read a piece on Who What Wear that highlighted a post from blogger Veronica Partridge in which she's decided to no longer wear leggings in public. Say what you will about the whole leggings-as-pants "controversy" but the issue Partridge particularly points to is the potential of unintentionally provoking lustful thoughts from men. This obviously raises a slew of opinions on both sides of the argument.

First, woman should be free to wear what they want, period!  But, in doing so should it be acceptable for men to view woman's bodies in a lustful way? It's not that Partridge was concerned with reactions/actions, just thoughts. However, you can't control other people's thoughts, and while the majority of heterosexual men will find a thin/petite woman (which Partridge is and raises the whole other can of worms on the ideal body type etc, that I'm not going to get into here) sexually attractive in leggings, there are probably men and woman out there who have a thing for something way nore banal like pantyhose or scoopneck tops the sight of which may spark thoughts on sex. Because, again you can't control people's thoughts and you sure as heck can't control, or anticipate people's sexual proclivities. There's also the power of sexuality and dressing provocatively on purpose to garner sexual attention/make a sexual statement, hello Rihanna and Miley Cyrus....

My take away is if you're comfortable and it's flattering/appropriate for you to wear leggings and yoga pants then do it. If you can see your underwear, or lack of underwear then that pair is WAY to sheer unless worn under a tunic or dress. I wore this leggings as a functional garment. I had on grey wool trousers seen here for work on Monday. We didn't shoot them for 2 reason... first, I wasn't blown away by the overall outfit with them. Second, with the snow and my boots, I didn't want to get the pant legs dirty, since they are dry-clean only. So I switched out my trousers for these leggings for my commute home and I think they make a great outfit, just not for my office, but for a more casual setting. Plus they are thick and highwaisted for a flattering and fully-covered fit.

Phew, long post there folks.

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