Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hair Thoughts

I first starting entertaining a short haircut after my 30th birthday inspired by Emma Watson.

It took a full year to for me to go through with it, before then I had the same hairstyle for five or so years. When it comes to my hair I'm a extremely cautious to change. I've maintained my current cut, in various forms of disarray for over three years and I'm wondering if it is still serving me to my best advantage.

Some recent shots from the blog:

post here

post here

And some older shots from 2012 and Spring of last year. 

 post here

  post here

You can see not much variation just that some days are more rumpled than others. I don't really "style" my hair. I have a fear that overly styled short hair has the potential to come off Kate Gosselin-esque:

Which is DEFINITELY not chic or stylish.  But, I do think it may be time for a change/putting a bit more effort into my hair, because a good haircut is like a good accessory, it can elevate an overall look. So, I'm kind of torn between just letting my hair grow out a bit more or rocking it out like my spirit animal Tilda Swinton:

I like the idea of going super-short/buzzed along the sides and longer up top, but I fear that  it won't really lend itself to my usual wash n' wear routine.From the above pics I'm wondering if I'll HAVE to slick it back all the time? I like that I have the option of combing the top forward for a quick and dirty side-swept bang.  

IDEALLY, I'd have enough time in the mornings, and the occasion, to just go full on punk and faux-hawk this noise out, but I'm sure that would be looked down upon at my office.... Oh F it! I'm going to grow this mop out and let my freak flag fly just like this:

Crimped spikes, neon eyelids, and all!!!  Oh Tilda you are always inspiring. So what say you dear readers? Go for the Tilda chop, keep on keeping on, OR grow it out? 


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    1. I've begun conversations with my regular stylists, we shall see. Thanks for commenting.


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