Monday, September 17, 2012

Bowties and Orange Shorts

I love the lining of this blazer and how it makes the trim pop, it couldn't have been more perfect in coordinating with my rolled up shirt cuffs.

blazer-Gap, shirt/shorts-Jcrew(similar here and here), bowtie-American Aparel, sneakers-Converse, bag-Nine West(similar here

As summer transitions to autumn I find myself trying to squeeze out the last bit of my summer staples like shorts and sneakers.  Adding a blazer and bowtie makes for a fun combo for this transition outfit. So many magazines have those "How to Wear Your Summer Dresses in Fall" type of articles, but I think there's more to seasonal changeover dressing then just putting a cardigan and boots with a summer dress.  There's a lot one can do with layers, mixing up the shoe choice, and color combinations. What are some ways you outfit during the seasonal switch?


  1. I have been stalking this blazer! Im' worried how the pockets will look on me though.

  2. They lay pretty flat since this is more of a knit less structured blazer. I REALLY like it, wore it all over the place when we were in Denver.


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