Thursday, September 13, 2012

Style Profile Kat

I was in Denver last week visiting my dear friend Kat who I haven't seen in several years. We used to get ready to go to parties and clubs back in college and always had fun playing "dress-up." As a teacher Kat dresses functionally for work, but when not in school she let's whimsy and playfulness fuel her outfit choices.

Definitely go with the flats for such a short dress.

This look is all about whimsy and Kat busting out her inner flower-child. She says she doesn't often wear the hat as it does block out the peripheral vision, but sometimes you just have to go blind on the sides, because this dress and hat combo works so well.

Flowers and Dragonflies, oh my!
Flats again, this time with some sparkle.
I love the colors here, the girl really knows how to wear bright pink. When you break it down this is very much like wearing a tank top and cardigan with jeans, but instead Kat's gone for a sleeveless blouse and cropped kimono. Using "special" pieces in place of the ordinary fare.

 And here we are, once again having gotten dressed up to go out just like the old days. This time Kat when for a basic, but again, fun dress, and her signature pink in the handbag. (more on my outfit later)
What I admire about Kat's outfitting is that she isn't afraid to have fun. She wears prints and pieces she's attracted to.  Its not about creating a specific type of look for her, but instead a general feeling of fun and ease.  There are times things can go toward the costumey route, but overall she puts together outfits with a nice mix of fancier pieces and grounded basics.

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