Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration from Brooklyn Blonde

Not only do I write a blog, I read quite a few as well and find inspiration from some very fashionable ladies out there. One of my favorites is Brooklyn Blonde.  She has a great style and her look from this post got my creative outfit wheels turning.

Here she paired a leopard print skirt with a horse blouse.  And guess what I also have a leopard print skirt and a horse blouse:

I don't think this is working...

However, all is not lost.  I think that this might be a better outfit:

shirt-Asos(similar here), skirt 1-MikkatMarket, skirt 2-BananaRepublic(similar here), belt-UrbanOutfitters(similar here), necklace-Forever21(similar here) bracelet-Jcrew(similar here), shoes-????(similar here)

The original inspiration experiment didn't really work, it just wasn't flattering.  However, it got me thinking about other printed skirts I have that could be tried out with my horse shirt.  This polka dot skirt in a the same color family works way better then the first look.  The first skit was tight and even though it's a good rule of thumb to pair tight pieces with baggier ones, it just wasn't working.  The second skirt was a bit more loose and was better suited to the drape of the shirt. And the belt is essential here as it helps shape the silhouette of the outfit.

The thing to keep in mind about this experiment is that one should take inspiration from magazines, blogs, ladies on the street, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't always work, it can lead toward something that does.  I don't think I would have thought of pairing this particular blouse and skirt if it hadn't been for Brooklyn Blonde's look.  Usually I wear my horse shirt with jodphurs as seen here or I wear it with a trouser suit so thank you Brooklyn Blonde for freeing my horse shirt into the fields of skirts.  (Get it, horse shirt-fields hehehe)  

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