Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bright Dress and Bright Shoes

Whenever I look at this necklace "All The Single Ladies" song starts playing in my head.

dress-BananaRepublic(similar here), coat-Asos(similar here), necklace-ModCloth, bracelets-Jcrew/JewelMint, shoes-ShoeMint

Spring is upon us and I've busted out these new shoes from Shoe Mint last seen here.  Also, dress month continues and its the perfect weather to wear casual dresses in bright colors.  One of the benefits of wearing a dress is that its just one piece and you can have an outfit without a lot of fuss.  I also think the right kind of dress can serve as either a background to interesting accessories or help amplify/compliment accessories.  I can't decide which category this dress falls into, or maybe it does both.  What do you think?


  1. Gah! I tried commenting on this earlier, but it didn't show up! I loooooove this outfit.

    Love, Caitlin

  2. I think you can have it both ways. The way you have it here boosts the shoes and accessories (I love that coat). But if you went with mono colored shoes and jewelry then the dress would be the piece. I love this, though. How do you not wear those shoes every day? Oh wait, I've seen your other shoes. Your fun ,funky jewelry is the bomb. Try it the other way and show us the dress as the main feature. White, nude, black shoes and the rest?

  3. Thanks for the comments! Lisa, I agree I could definitely highlight just the dress with more basic accessories, we'll see if I reshoot with that in mind, but there are so many dresses to get to b/f the end of dress month....


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