Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Non-Maternity Dresses

I'm now officially over the halfway point of my pregnancy and I've been pretty fortunate in not having to purchase a lot of maternity clothes. I HAVE picked up some items that I've been referring to as non-maternity maternity wear, seen here and here. I've recently added to that category with the following two dresses:

Same dress, one solid, one striped. Both are over-the-head knit numbers with a faux wrap silhouette and abdomen area ruching. So, in theory both are great "regular" dresses for a mid-point pregnant lady like myself. Huhevah, let us consider the back view...


Now, obvie the model pics airbrushed out any bumps and lumps, but for us non-models the "lumpy" potential is cause for concern. I'm basically talking about back fat and rear end appearance. The former I'd like to conceal, the latter I'd like to "plump" up if you will. Or, should I just say "Eff" it, out of sight out of mind... It's really hard to judge one's one backwards appearance without a 360 degree mirror set up, which I don't have easily at my disposal. So I'll be relying on Mr. Keller's objective opinion. Now, some may say that asking one's husband the cliched "do I look fat in this" while 5 1/2 months pregnant is chock full of landmines. And, I would say 9 times out of 10 you'd be right. BUT, as a good wife I've trained Mr. Keller in both the art of diplomatic honesty, AND diplomatic lying when it comes to answering that question. He knows how to give me a straight-forward answer when I'm truly asking for one, and more importantly when to tell me what I want to hear. It took years of practice, but we got there. So, once these dresses are delivered it'll be time for some real truth on the backside takeaway.

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