Thursday, August 20, 2015

Maternity Pants

I've now hit the six-month mark of my pregnancy and it's time to get some straight-up maternity wear. I'm still utilizing drawstring bottoms, but with fall comes a more professional dress code in my academic office setting so I've ordered two workwear bottoms.

A standard pair of black fitted trousers are an essential for the office. And, depending on which pair fits best, the other will go back. Sure, in "regular" sizes I have more than one pair of black work trousers, but that's for years of wear. In my current form, I only need one pair for these last 4 months. 

That's the thing with maternity shopping. You have to switch up your mindset. Instead of buying investment-type pieces that you can come back to season after season, you're really only looking to outfit yourself for a limited time. Plus, it's not about making a statement necessarily, but finding those work-horse type of garments that are going to get the job done. Not that you can't be stylish while pregnant, but functionality becomes even more of a priority. I'm also eyeing this "maternity pack".

This seems like a great "starter kit" with basic pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways and supplement standard go-to garments. I'm not crazy though about the t-shirt dress's crewneck. I'm a v-neck gal all the way, and with my bust getting bigger and my bump getting rounder it's even more imperative to find pieces that are as flattering as possible. Plus, I already picked up some black maternity leggings from Target, and of course I have my skirt leggings from Mimu Maxi last seen here. So I may pass on this Asos Maternity Exclusive, but I love the concept. 

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