Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Simple Pieces

This necklace is just one long chain and it totes versatile, case in point:

three tiers

Two strands. Or, you can just wrap it around and around as even layers in the 1st iteration above. This chain, I think, I got at H&M ages ago. One can get something similar for cheap, OR invest in a proper silver chain and keep forever. Either way, it's a solid jewelry option that every gal should have to add to an overall outfit. 

The bump is a bit hidden in these profile shots, let's show it off, eh? 

Bump-tastic fashion if I do say so myself!

dress-Le Tote, jacket/sneakers-Old Navy(more sneakers here), chain-H&M(more necklaces here), bag-J.Jill

There's nothing mind-blowingly fabulous about this outfit, but it's a simple, cute look. This knit dress provides a some structure, which is great for my bump. Knit pieces, be they dresses, skirts, pants, etc have become an essential part for my pregnancy outfitting. And, I have feeling they'll also be major work-horse pieces in my postpartum ensembles.

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