Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fit vs. Flattering

dress-Ralph Lauren(sort of similar here), necklace-Need Supply(similar here), shoes-Old Navy(similarish here)

You may recall this dress from past posts here and here. And while yes, this tank dress still fits, it's not the most flattering option at this time. I was standing up VERY straight in these pics and sucking it in as best as I could. Not that I'm trying to look "thin" at 6 months pregnant, but there's a reason maternity clothes (especially nowadays) are necessary even if you do still fit into your pre-pregnant pieces. 

Okay here the even less flattering shots...

The material wrinkles up a bit here and there, and stretches in a few awkward places. Overall, this dress at this point does not do much for my body, which is fine because it's not meant to be worn now. The proportions weren't meant to accommodate a disproportionate change in the silhouette, which is what a baby bump is -- an awkward proportion. Of course, I don't mean to suggest being pregnant is an unflattering body "type" but, it's not the normal proportion/shape for the body. It's an exception, hence the need for garments to accommodate said exception. For your reference a pic of this dress in my "regular" state:

 click to get a larger viewer to compare

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