Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fashion Week Part 2

As NY Fashion Week progresses like a runaway boulder down a steep hill I've continued to peruse the collections online and wanted to share some thoughts.

Extreme Layering:

Miguel Adrover put everything including a life-saver in his collection.  This is his first show in almost a decade and I'm wondering if he was just a bit too enthusiastic.  However, I've been seeing some intense layering in other collections as well.

Now, while I am intrigued by the idea of a skirt over skirt as seen at TSE, I don't think I can get on board with pants over skirt.  It veers toward clunky as opposed to warm elegance.  Jcrew also showed this past week and averaged at least three layers with many of the looks.  Layers upon layers may seem like a new idea, but Marc Jacobs did it back in 2006:

I think multiple layers comes around every time people start feeling a bit uncertain, (like in election years) and the need to wrap up and feel safe, which comes through in the collections. 

Another element I'm seeing alot of is shine:

Many of the coats and pants in this collection had a lacquered effect.  AND many of the models had some intense turtlenecks styled up over their jaws, again I'm wondering if this isn't a response to uncertainty and the need to coverup and shield one's self.  Shine was also a factor at Rag & Bone

In terms of adapting this element for the every woman I would caution that fast-fashion options for shine can veer on the tacky--pleather can be unfortunate.  However, I do like this shine take from The Row

Here its a subtle hint of sheen, not the all out sparkle and gleam as seen in other collections.  This subtly isn't as hard to pull off and shows thoughtful restraint.

And now a word about the Rebeccas

This was a solid show, a lot of options for mixing prints and patterns with straight forward silhouettes.  However, I think the above look was not very successful, it just seemed to be trying too hard.   And speaking of hard:

Two looks from Rebecca Taylor.  I also think this was a strong showing, and I enjoy the delicacy of the fabric mixed with edgier coats.  That being said I wish Rebecca Minkoff and Rebecca Taylor would join forces and take the fun of color and pattern and throw it against the darker edgier vibe.  Plus which how cool would a label called "The Rebeccas" be?  Or maybe they should start a band.  Maybe I'll start a band called The Rebeccas...

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  1. I wore the layered skirts on Tuesday. I really liked the look. My husband liked it too. I toned the silhouette down. A very straight skirt with an a-line skirt is the way to go. I wore a mid-calf skirt and the a-line was just above the knee. I hope it becomes a real trend.


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