Monday, February 20, 2017

Blazer Retrospective

Blazers have been a HUGE part of my outfitting style/personal uniform for well over a decade. In my mind a blazer is the perfect third piece, and a no-brainer way to bring some polish to a look. Here's a quick rundown of some of my favorite blazer moments--

A knitwear blazer, like this striped piece from Uniqlo, is the perfect cardigan alternative.  It has the ease of a sweater, but the structure of outerwear for a pulled together, yet comfortable office outfit! 

This "sea creature" blazer from Anthropologie has been a major part of my summertime work wardrobe. Novelty/whimsical prints on traditional silhouettes are a "low risk" way of pushing yourself outside of the style box.  

A closeup of a tweedy grommet-ed blazer from Saks off Fifth is a statement piece that can really go with anything, even a horse-printed button-down!

My good old navy blazer from J.Crew, a versatile classic!

From BB Dakota, this olive-green blazer is like a "study in contrast" if you will, what with the draped lapels and open front, for a loose and easy feel, topped by structured shoulders that squares off the silhouette. 

Another J.Crew classic blazer, this time in layered with a sporty puffer vest. 

My DVF purple blazer belted to bring structure and some designer finesse to a casual black dress and leggings. 

Another knitwear piece, this one from the Gap with a standout neon trim. As you can see, even while pregnant I kept up my blazer-game. 

Some filigree in blazer form from Zara

This  crisp white blazer from J.Crew is timeless and can freshen up any ensemble. 

Oversized tweed from the Gap. I wear usually wear this blazer as outerwear for more temperament days. 

This navy number again, as stated above it's extremely versatile, as it tops off these culottes also from J.Crew

A green tweedy number, this one from Banana Republic  perfect for fall, and for giving this edgy all back look some autumnal/preppy flair. 

Finally, here I am in all of my punk-rock schoolboy chic glory with this plaid blazer from J.Crew

I think I've typed "blazer" more times in this post than ever before in my life! 😉 And I think each pic speaks for itself in terms of the dynamic nature of blazers when it comes to outfitting! So, when in doubt put a blazer on it! 


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