Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sprinter is In the Air

blazer-Gap(similiarish here), hoodie-J.Crew(similar here), dress-Need Supply(similar here), flats-Dr. Scholl's, watch-Michael Kors(similar here), lip-PBJ Smoothie Stick via Birchbox

You may recall the past two years' "sprinter" posts, here and here. Well that warm surge of late winter/early spring has come sooner this year than expected. And I'm once again outfitting with transitional pieces that call to both seasons, while at the same time layering up for the shift in temperatures/weather. This white schmatta is pure springtime breeze, while the black tights, hoodie, and blazer are ready to take on the nips still left in the air. PLUS, there's a subtle contrast of this very romantic dress layered under a business-like blazer and sporty hoodie. But, isn't that was sprinter is all about--the duality of nature and the contrast in seasons... whoa.. outfitting as philosophical thought right there my friends!!!! 

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