Friday, September 9, 2016

The Last Buys

Today is the LAST day I will be able to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. You may recall a couple of years ago I went on a year-long shopping hiatus and it changed my whole strategy towards shopping, outfitting, and body image--all in good ways. Well tomorrow, my birthday, begins another year-long "fast" from the retail world. Why another go, you may ask? Well, there are several reasons, but first some of my very last buys for 2016!!!

I just can't seem to stay away from flannel shirt dresses(seen here), and I love how they've styled it on the model, will definitely give this a go in my outiftting. Plus I feel a flannel shirt dress is a "new classic" like the LBD or trench coat, a piece that you can wear for 20+ years. 

Hello novelty print! This is so fall/early-winter I can hardly stand it! I had to order a medium, which was my "old" size, sort of... this may end up getting returned, which if course will break my sartorial heart, but one of the lessons I learned in my last hiatus, is that if a garment doesn't fit, or suit me then it's no biggie. I just send it back, instead of me anguishing over my size/weight and holding onto pieces in the hopes of fitting into them. It's not about ME fitting into clothing, it's about the clothing SERVING me! 

Another pair of my favorite pull-on pants, this time in a tweedy-esque fabric, perfect for the coming colder season! 

I gave into temptation and ordered this pumps via a "trends" post on Tom & Lorenzo. I've definitely set myself up for a lot of blue and navy hues this coming fall/winter and these abstract floral heels will fit right in! 

Every gal needs a great red trousers and this pair from Old Navy is a super-fun and affordable, AND the stretch material allowed me to order my pre-pregnancy size, which even though I just stated above it's not about me fitting into the clothes, but the clothes serving me...yadda yadda yadda, it's STILL nice to wear a smaller size. In the words of writer Arielle Greenberg from her book "Locally Made Panties" "I am a feminist. I would like to be thinner." #aintnoshame 

This dress is pure whimsy, which may be a bit juvenile for a woman of my soon-to-be age, HUHEVAH you may recall the items I purchased for baby girl in this post:

That's right look closely that's the SAME PATTERN!!!!! A moody, romantic bunny print for Mommy AND Baby, how could I pass it up!? 

So there you have it folks, my last round for the next 365 days. The same rules apply as last time, gifts from others are fine, and replacement necessities like snow boots, underwear, socks, and bras are fair game. As to why I'm going on another retail hiatus, much the same reason as before, to save money and get more use out of the clothes I have. Also, with my body in transition after having my baby, I have a shit-ton of clothes "waiting in the wings". True, I've purchased a fair amount of trousers, in particular, to see me through this body transition, but I want to get back into the garments I was rocking 18 months ago within this year. I really love my clothes and by putting the kibosh on new purchases it makes that goal are the more necessary. Plus, in my first world, middle class, cushy existence I don't really NEED anything. #truth 

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