Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another Dress Vote

It's been a while since we had a reader vote and I need some input for what to wear to an upcoming family wedding in July. Don't worry I already have the baby's outfit ready to go. We picked up a super cute dress on clearance from Hanna Andersson that looks similar to this:

This IS a bit more casual than the dress we bought, but it has the same kind of low-key, rustic-chic vibe of the actual dress.  As I said this is a family wedding in July that will be fairly traditional, and in a rural setting. So there a lot of factors and potential pitfalls to consider when outfitting planning, at least for me. I DO have a reputation to uphold. 

What ARE those factors and pitfalls you may be wondering? Well, for starters it'll be in the midst of summer, so heat and humidity are a big factor. I'm looking at fabric content--something breathable that will also maintain a nice shape and provide structure for a flattering fit. I'm thinking a garment that will skim, rather than flow, do you feel me? Also, I don't want to wear anything too flashy or edgy, so as not to call undue attention to myself.YET, I'd like to stay true to my personal style aesthetic and not just blend into the background. It's very easy to step too far to the flashy end of the spectrum, instead of staying in the strikingly chic zone, aka SCZ (yes I just made that up and I think it's fabulous!) 

Needless to say with all these elements in play, my outfitting range is somewhat limited, a tricky terrain in general, if you will. I've narrowed it down to two options... 

First up, a fun, bright and sporty eyelet!

Pros: The color! The silhouette is also easy, yet structured with two key components--the scoopneck (an open neckline best serves my shape, plus I love my neck and collarbone), pleated skirt, which poofs out a bit to skim over my lower-half (which is still in transition after having the baby).  Eyelet is totes summer appropriate and not at all fussy. I can see myself wearing this for other summer functions, and even at work with a blazer and loafer combo. 

Cons: The fabric is polyester....  and is this too "young" i.e. is this the type of dress a 30-something striking woman would wear, or is this more for cute girl in her 20's.... 

Next Up!

Pros: The fabric is 100% cotton baby, breathable city! The tie-waist will allow me to cinch/adjust the fit. I love stripes!!!! It's subtle, yet interesting, a low-key kind of chic, amiright? 

Cons: May be a bit too subtle to verge on boring? And horizontal stripes on the bodice increase the changes of looking wide up top. I don't need anymore volume in my bust, that's for sure. AND I don't see this working for the office. So the cost per wear factor does not go in its favor. 

FYI, the price difference between each dress is approx. $15.  Click on the links below each pic for more details.   And vote in the comments below!  I'll make my choice by Friday, the 13th brahhhh,.....


  1. I like the sporty eyelet one. Namely the color! Love that color! I can see it with a navy blazer over top for work or whatever. They are both super cute and could definitely be worn again and again!

    1. Thanks for your vote! Sporty eyelet is in the lead by 1, it's going to be a close race! :)

  2. I also prefer the sporty eyelet. I think the color is great for a summer wedding and Jill is right; it would look great in the office with a navy blazer.

    1. Thanks for your vote. Eyelet is edging ahead!


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