Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Rent the Runway Vote for an Upcoming Wedding

Mr. Keller and I received our first wedding invite for 2015! Of course, instead of thinking of how happy I am for the couple and grateful that they are including us in their celebration I immediately think, "I can rent dress for this sh*t and BRING IT!" You know, priorities...

So here are my top choices from Rent the Runway, which now also has accessories, so I'm also considering evening bags--fun!

Option 1

And speaking of fun, this dress looks like a good time to me! Love all the graphic colors and the shoulder coverage. From other renters' pics I think this will be flattering for my body type. And it has pockets! So I could carry this super cute clutch!

 Option 2

You may recall I rented this dress last summer. 

So I know, this dress fits and flatters and it also has pockets! However, both dresses are done up in cotton, which IS a more casual material and may not read dressy enough for a wedding that starts at 4pm and goes into the night. 

It's hard to find the right type of look for events that transition from afternoon to evening, because as soon as the sun goes down the chic-a-tude should go up in my humble opinion. 

Option 3

Now this is a fierce choice indeed!  Especially paired with this leopard-print envelope-style clutch.

There is the old rule of not wearing white to a wedding, but the white here is mostly covered and functions as a graphic accent, more so than the main color of the dress so I feel this is an appropriate contender.

However, black and white can be kind of boring especially for a springtime wedding... 

Option 4

This is super chic, bright, and has an adjustable tie-back so I'm assuming it'll be comfortable and flattering, but no pockets... and I'm wondering if this gold n' pink combo would work with my pale coloring. But I do like the idea of pairing it with this clutch

I think the gold of the bag will play off nicely with the gold in the dress and obvie I would opt for gold-toned jewelry.

Finally Option 5:


Actually... I"m taking this one out of the running... It's cute, but too casual and not as celebratory or chic as the other options... But the embroidery feels special and I like the black trim at the waist and neckline.. plus I think it goes with the overall theme of the event if the RSVP is anything to go by...

Now it's time to vote, #1 Vibrant Colors? #2 A Former Winner? #3 Fierce n' Bold? or #4 Gold Comfort? #5 Unsure Cute

Vote in the comments below! And Congrats to Caitlin and Erik! 

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