Friday, February 20, 2015

Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Say what you will about Kanye West the man certainly as a "vision" when it comes to his music and artistic ventures. The latest  of such being a designer collab with Adidas that debuted at NYC Fashion Week.

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This plays right into the Athleisure trend, of which I'm a fan. However, the lack of proper pants is troubling. These are basically full-body pantyhose, which don't really feel much like fashion, but more so costumes for a revival of A Chorus Line with a post-apocalyptic bent, which I would totally go see! That sounds like an awesome idea for that musical, right? But in all seriousness I don't see a big explosion of pantyhose-as-pants with sweatshirt tucked into them happening anytime soon. And this partnership was never about the dancer-wear clothes, or even the supposed inspiration of the London Riots last year, it's about the sneaker.  

Runway Detail Pic

This Adidas Yeezy sneaker is retailing for $350 and will definitely make Adidas and Kanye a lot of money. A big part of a runway shows is the PR and creating an experience. Many times some of the clothing you see on the runway will never be available to the consumer, nor is it meant to be. It's about brand awareness and promotion.  A lot of big name designers like Chanel and Louis Vuitton thrive on their accessories business and their fashion shows are their to highlight accessories as well as the clothing. So I'm thinking this whole presentation was about the sneaker and not so much the tattered sweaters and non-pants. 

But who cares, Kanye keep doing you.

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