Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 Days of No Shopping with Fashion Week Highlights!

In 2013 I began of Year of No Shopping, which proved difficult as shopping is one of my favorite hobbies AND part of my job as a personal shopper/stylist. However, the experience was definitely enlightening as I came back to shopping in August 2014 with a more refined eye with a new focus on quality and long term investment pieces. Check out my wrap-up post here. Since then I think I've done fairly well picking out quality garments over the past six months, see some here.

Now that lent is upon us I'm doing 40 Days of No Shopping. Regardless of one's religious affinity I think this time of Mid-Winter to Early Spring is a great chance for reflection and personal work. As the season shifts from dormancy to renewal it's an ideal time to look inward and take on healthier practices. So, during my shopping fast I'm going to research the up and coming trends for Spring and make a thoughtful must-haves list when I'm back on the shopping bandwagon come Easter. 

I'm also going to try to stop giving energy towards needless complaining. During winter especially, many people let the weather overtake their moods and there is a lot of negativity out there. I'm tired of feeling angry and grumpy. I don't want anything to do with it! I know you're thinking "Good Luck with that!" But, I have a plan.  

1. Be aware of negative energy the moment it starts to rise.
2. Acknowledge that energy and consciously stop going down that thought track.
3. Think of something positive and give life-affirming energy towards those thoughts. 
4. If #3 isn't working make a physical change. i.e. get up and walk around, or move on to a different task or project, or take a tea break.
5. If #3 or #4 aren't successful don't beat myself up about giving in to complaining.
6. Recognize that I'm in the midst of #5 and quill that noise. 

So there's some armchair life-coaching for you! And in terms of positive thoughts and energy here are a few amazing pics from NYC Fashion Week! 

Coat Porn from Proenza Schouler a very luxe collection overall, great outerwear. 

 Baroque Roses mixed with Dragqueen level Leopard Print Boots from Alice + Olivia I think that description gives you a sense of the rest of the collection. Very bohemian romance through-out with some boldly patterned tap shorts thrown in here and there for good measure. 

Athleisure wears meets the Boardroom over at Rag & Bone. This collection also featured a lot of lingerie elements, like lacey, vintagesque slips over track pants, which felt too contrived for my tastes. Either do romantic vintage or do sports wear, putting them together in look after look came off as forced. 

And from those fabulous fierce bitches over at Rodarte 70's glam gypsy rock! 

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