Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Colorful Cropped Trousers, Blazer, and Blouse. I feel a theme brewing...

trousers-Asos, blazer-Urban Outfitters, blouse-ModCloth, heels-DSW(kind of similar here), necklace-Francescas's (similar here), belt-Gap(similar here), ring-Jewel Mint

It was a very pleasant surprise that this blazer from Urban Outfitters matched these cropped trousers from Asos so well. They really do look like a suit you'd pick up together. However, I wasn't thinking about that when I ordered the blazer. I was just in search of bright colors and this outfit sure as sh*t has them, eh!  The thing for me with mixing colors is total trial and error. I'll think of pieces I want to pair together based on color or silhouette and then I try them out in the safety of my bedroom.  This color combo worked out, some don't. You just have to keep experimenting.

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