Thursday, May 18, 2017

Put A Collar On It

collar-ASOS(similar here), dress-Uniqlo(similarish here), loafers-G.H. Bass

This navy shift, and my work-a-day weejuns are given a bit of personality with the addition of this sequined detachable collar from Asos. (check out their collection of bibs here!) I'll be the first to admit that this outfit fell a bit short of the mark. It's just not as polished/striking as I had hoped. Looking at these pics I feel a blazer was called for, either my classic white blazer, last seen here, or my lavender blazer, last exalted, here. Also, these brown loafers are a bit heavy for the whimsical vibe the collar brings forth, so maybe a different shoe as well. 

But the MAIN lesson here today boys and girls, is that adding a collar (or bib) to a standard garment elevates said garment from clothes into an outfit, you just have to stick the landing on execution. 

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