Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Confession Time on Recent Buys

My Year of No Shopping announced last September has been a bust! I've strayed from my self-imposed fast over a dozen times. Why? Well because I love clothes, and good deals, and evolving my personal style. Here are the  main culprits....

Slingbacks from H&M

I'm DO need a summer slip-on shoe for work, an alternative to loafers if you will. 

Jacket Dress from H&M

This dress was on sale and I wore it a few times over the holidays before featuring here in this post. It hits all of my current criteria for a dresses--easy fit, versatile, interesting, and has pockets! 

Also, wanted/needed an easy slip-on casual shoe, as seen in this post

Shift from Anthropologie

This layering piece was such a good deal, and in a color I don't often wear. This post shows how it's an easy-throw-on piece to add some color to a basic black outfit. 

Cardigan from Anthropolige

This cardigan speaks to my new-found lust for hygge AND, as this post shows was the perfect piece for our weekend getaway this past January. 

Button-Down from Wildfang and Necklace from J.Crew Factory

I actually HAD a credit from Wildfang when I picked out this striped shirt, so there's that. The necklace just sort of happened... DAMN YOU J.Crew Factory and your 40% off everything deals!!!! 

Blazer from J.Crew

From yesterday's post, this purchase was the result of a VERY long search for an upgraded grey blazer. And I think the picture justifies itself. 

Floral Culottes from Target

I have no excuses... But come on, floral culottes, I've already blogged them twice here and here!

T-Shirt Dress from Target

This was a comfort item purchase and purely functional for when I just want to throw on a dress at home, or on the weekends and haven't shaved my legs. 

Boho Dress from Mango

This oversized, boho printed shift from this post, again speaks to my sense of hygge, while also pushing my personal aesthetic slightly away from the androgynous, school boy style that I've been riding for several years now. 

And speaking of pushing my style there's this last piece...

Embroidered Tank from Francesca's

I fully admit I bought this on a total whim, not quite sure how I'd style it, but really loving the color and the easy silhouette. I see this becoming a T-shirt alternative this summer, and adding a bit more romance into my outfitting rotation. 

So there it all is, everything now out in the open. It feels good to admit that I've strayed from my original intention. Now, having done that I'm ready to recommit myself to a retail fast. No shopping for the rest of the calendar year, by adding on a few extra months from my original September start date I hope to "make up" the difference. And, needless to say I'll be leaning heavily on my loved ones come Mother's Day, My Birthday, and Christmas Time to fill the void. 

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